Any move to a new locality, especially if it involves a move distant from where the family is currently living and working can be traumatic. Nobody likes to be separated from old and treasured friends, forced to resign from societies and clubs and to venture into the virtually unknown. It is only natural that people worry and fret when they move house. Thankfully, with assistance from experienced moving companies Northern VA families can stop worrying about their possessions.

Trying to save money by handling the relocation personally can easily turn out to be a very big and extremely costly mistake. People opting for this route routinely forget important details and they are likely to cause unnecessary damage to their possessions. The best route is to hire the services of a company that specialize in this field. They know how to get the job done without stress or fuss.

Another very important fact that DIY movers often overlook is the fact that packing, loading, transporting and unpacking are all extremely labour intensive tasks that it requires a lot of physical strength. Packing, especially, requires experience and the correct packing materials for the various items being packed. Doing this wrong will almost certainly result in breakages and damage. Hauling a large trailer or driving a rented truck over long distances can be exhausting.

Much of the stress normally involved in a relocation can be avoided through proper planning. It is vital to make a list of everything that needs to be done before the relocation, during the process of relocating and after moving into the new house. The list should be as detailed as possible because it is often small matters that can easily cause big crises. Some contractors supply check lists to their clients.

The process of packing and preparing furniture for a move is of critical importance. Most relocation contractors are experienced in packing, but the clients should always try to personally supervise the process. Each container should be marked according to the room where it will be needed at the new house. It is also important to keep an inventory of each container. Valuable items should not be packed with other household goods.

If possible all repairs and renovations to the new house should be completed before the move takes place. Moving in while rubble and dust are not yet cleared away is most certainly not ideal. It is also a good idea to have the new house professionally cleaned before the move.

When evaluating potential relocation contractors it is vital to insist on written quotations. This document should not only specify the cost of the move but all the various responsibilities that the contractor will undertake. The quotation should specify the type of insurance that will be covering the possessions of the client while they are in transit. It is also always a good idea to ask for valid references.

Much of the stress of relocating can be avoided by proper planning and by using experienced professionals. In fact, many families lose sight of the fact that a relocation can be a great adventure. In many ways it can be a new beginning with new friends, new surroundings and a new lifestyle.

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