All children are precious, especially your own. They must be protected and cared for at all times. When you are taking a long anticipated vacation to Hawaii, you may not be able to bring all the child safety equipment you need with you. If you are renting a vehicle when you land on one of the islands, you need to plan ahead. The car seat rentals Maui agencies have on site may or may not be a good idea.

You probably won’t assume the agency has the vehicle you want to rent, and you should not assume they have the right size child restraints either. Calling ahead is critical. You need to reserve a seat and ask questions. You need to know that the seats are cleaned after each use and inspected regularly.

If you leave your child’s seating in your own vehicle all the time, you might have some trouble installing an unfamiliar seat. It is unrealistic to expect an agency employee to do it for you because of the liability issues. Not all state laws regarding child safety and vehicle restraints are the same. You need to find out exactly what is legally expected of you when you are traveling.

It should go without saying that when you get to the car rental agency, you will carefully inspect the child seat they intend to rent to you. Seats must be clean, free of wear and tear, and the right size for your child. You must check the buckles to make sure they work and won’t detach. Do not be afraid to ask for different seating if you have concerns about what you are given.

You probably already know that one size does not fit all when it comes to car seats. Your child will not be safe in seating that is too big or too little. All seats have expiration dates that are indicated on the tags attached. Any seating older than five years may be a problem. It’s a good idea to check online for recalls before accepting the seat.

A lot of parents are surprised to find that the rental agency doesn’t provide a base for child safety seating. Surveys show that the majority of them don’t. This will make the job of installing and securing the seating more difficult. You need to be prepared for this situation by bringing a level with you. A towel tightly rolled up or a pool noodle should work.

If the seating offered is unacceptable, and the company can’t provide a suitable replacement, you will have to come up with another option. Car seats are not that expensive. The easiest solution may be to purchase a new one and then donate it to a hospital or child care facility if you can’t take it back with you on the plane.

Renting child restraint vehicle seating can be difficult. You should never settle for what agencies have available. Your child is too precious, and it is too dangerous to put little kids in seats that may not be safe and secure.

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