A tent is a type of shelter that is made up of supporting frames and sheets of material. The sheets are normally attached to ropes and frames. Cherokee camping tent is the most known type of tent used in our daily activities. The information about this product is well described in this article. The information brings out how these tents can be used and one to understand on what they are.

When tents were first invented, they were used by nomadic communities as shelter. Nomadic people moved with them from one place to another to find food for themselves and their animals. In the modern days, the use of these products has changed a lot. They are used for recreational purposes and only as temporary shelters. They are usually a dominating site in a camping ground.

The products vary a lot in their sizes. There are small models that can only accommodate a single person and there are also large models. The large models are usually very large in that they can accommodate over one thousand people. Traditional camping tents are usually limited in their sizes. They can only accommodate one to ten people.

These camping tents are into two categories. The first category is of the light types while the other category is that of large types. The light types of tents are usually light in weight thus can be carried over long distances on simple means like bicycles, on a backpack, and on a boat. This is because they are not bulky. When it comes to backpackers, they choose these small ones since they are light.

The second model is comprised of the heavy tents that are intended to be carried in vehicles. These ones are large and heavier to be carried in a backpack. How long it takes to set up and to disassemble the structure is usually dependent highly on the experience of the individual. Typically, it takes between 5 and 25 minutes to assemble or disassemble.

The new models of these products have flexible poles therefore making it easier to construct them. Less time is taken to make them. Unfortunately, it is more challenging to disassemble the tent. This is because more time is required and therefore taking a longer period. If one is going for a camp event, it is more important to know more about the spring loaded tents.

There are different varieties of tents in these modern days. They come in different types of shapes. Sometimes back, they were known to have a ridge tent shape. They were flat and looked the same as a ridge. That has changed into different designs. Nowadays, they come all types of shape, but many prefer the rounded ones.

How much a tent costs is usually dependent on several factors. Some of these factors include the material it is made from and the size. The design, shape, and model can also influence the price a lot. Costs vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

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