Being in a foreign city is unnerving. Making friends in a new city tops the list of the most challenging experiences in life. It is a relief when you find a person who understands and shares your culture, language, interests, etc. It takes a way the loneliness by giving you a person to socialize freely and naturally with. Paris being a big city presents similar challenges. But where can you find an American friend in Paris?

Join a church that ministers in English. Churches may sound like a place for the religious but this is not always the case. There are churches that offer interdenominational services with no requirement that you adhere to their doctrines. Being a member of the congregation gives you a chance to join their choir, participate in professional groups, charity activities, martial arts, etc. Essentially it is not for religious indoctrination but healthy socialization.

Major political parties have branches in countries and cities around the world. France has one of the most active gatherings of democrats and republicans. These forums discuss emerging issues in America on regular basis. Joining such a group also gives you an opportunity to participate in US politics despite being abroad. You will learn how to vote abroad, campaign, vote early, mobilize people, etc. During election nights, they organize parties where live streaming of results takes place.

English speakers organize numerous activities in Paris every week. The activities are advertised on the web and in different media outlets. They include hiking, therapy sessions, dog walking, professional talks, etc. They will make your weekends a lot of fun and enable you to explore the different cities and sites France offers. You will also socialize with the most amazing people.

Have you ever considered personal development and fitness activities like dancing or yoga? This could be the time to consider that. You may also opt to join the French language classes in your neighborhood. You are guaranteed that the people learning French must be from other countries. Such personal development forums introduce you to great people who will enrich your social life. After all, these people share the same interests as you do like dancing, language, yoga, etc.

Does your university have an alumni organization in France? Most of the major universities have alumni organizations in major European cities. Check their notice boards to locate the office and upcoming activities. Purpose to attend one of their activities. You might be lucky to meet former classmates, juniors and seniors who will make excellent friends. They will show you the joint that serves excellent buggers.

Social media brings people together. There are accounts for communities in different cities. Watch out for their events and endeavor to participate. The American embassy in France also provides a roster of activities in France that you can engage. The largest number of participants in these events is Americans. These are great forums to make new friends.

Having a friend to watch the super bowl with, discuss politics, follow global politics, etc is the most incredible experience you will get as a foreigner. Though the internet provides this opportunity, you need to get out of the house and meet the people. You will enjoy your stay in France and carry the best memories home.

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