Tubing is a recreational activity where individuals ride on top of inner tubes on water like lakes and rivers. This has two forms known as towed and free floating which has grown in popularity because of the growing automobile industry. They are providing the large amount of rubber tubes available for general public to use in these activities.

Towed ones are tethered into powered watercraft and will drag you while the free floating lets tubers be carried away by the current of waterways. You could go to the Santa Fe River tubing to experience a fun activity with friends and family together. Here are several useful tips for making your day be among your best ones.

Bring hats, water shoes and swimwear and sandals are not advisable to be worn because they could easily be lost when floating. Life vests would be provided either for rent, sale or free and children or anybody not good with swimming are recommended to use them. If ever you have one then you can bring your own or acquire it from the facility.

Bringing enough water is essential and place them in sturdy coolers because the foam ones are unfriendly to the environment and easily breaks. Glass containers usually are prohibited because they might break and remain in rivers which could cause others to get injured, prepare some food and snacks specially when you will be choosing a longer float.

Sunblock is important because you will be staying under the sun for hours and this helps your skin not to get burned. Apply this before riding and reapply it after every hour to make sure your skin will not get burned. Going in the water will wash off the sunblock so remember to reapply it after you get back in the tube.

Arrive there early and avoid waiting on long lines and avoid parking lot congestion specially on holidays and weekends which are busy. Rent or bring a tube then pay the shuttle pass fee included usually with their rental fees and ride the bus to their launch area. They normally require you to leave ID cards when renting so carry back the tubes to retrieve them after.

If the tube you rented is colored black then it gets hot pretty quickly which may burn your skin so splash it with water constantly. You could also cover it with towels or old sheets after wetting them and this helps your ride become comfortable. This will not be a problem if you bring your own and its color is lighter.

Place things which must not be wet like electronic car keys, food and cellphones in plastics bags and place them in plastic containers or in coolers. Leave other valuables you have at home then bring only essential ones in avoiding them being lost or stolen. There are trash bags so remember to carry your trash and do not leave them anywhere.

Invite friends or family to go with you and avoid going alone so they can help you remind about things like where to paddle and applying sunblock. Tubing is fun with more people to share the experience. And keeping each other safe is easier.

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