In Fraser Valley, there is so much to discover and enjoy. One good thing about traveling to this region is you will surely have no regrets on spending much amount of your money since you can be able to take advantage on the very beautiful landscapes and spots. Enjoy your leisure day by visiting the beautiful attractions here and these would include the wineries, parks, museums, fishing ports, etc.

If you want to have some resources, if you have an internet connection, for the online brochures since these will serve as your guide when you travel. Fraser Valley tours would include touring in farms located in Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley, Agassiz, Harrison, and Chilliwack. The brochures are consist of a map showing the beautiful attractions to be visited and explored.

And if you wanted to check out more about these specific destinations, better check their websites. Along with these beautiful attractions, there are also a lot of activities that you can do in the region. These would range from cows up to U pick fields, pumpkin cannons, and wine tasting. Upon searching, you can be able to see some other best options for the tour, whether you prefer to travel alone or within a group.

When visiting the Fraser Valley, especially the brewery, you will surely experience more compared to a simple tasting. In these areas, one most common beverage is craft beer. Since in previous years, Chilliwack, Langley, and Abbotsford have already emerged as perfect destinations for craft beer and these are housing the very common and most impressive breweries in Vancouver areas.

However, this region is consist of four famous breweries which are very common to most tourists. The breweries have been prioritizing local ingredients that are grown only in their own backyards. These destinations usually throw community parties and there are also times when visitors are educated about their local history. One particular brewery has different taste compared to the others. So here are the 4 famous and favorite of all.

Old Yale Brewing. This can be considered as veteran when it comes to craft brewery. This has been incorporated in year 1999. The company has been practicing the recipes for years to make it perfect. The owner or the founder has discovered about his obsession when it comes to the quality of beer when he was being stationed as a pilot in air force since pilots, according to history, would stop in Goose Bay which is also famous for craft beers.

Field House Brewing. The name of this company was inspired by agricultural roots in Abbotsford. The story that has been said is about the pioneers would retire into a field house after a long day for hard work in the field. Inside the house, they will have their meal, meet with some family and friends, and drink. So here, all are invited to gather with friends or meet new friends, drink beer, and relax.

Ravens Brewing. It was being founded in 2015. The operators and as well as the owners have long resumes on alcohol distribution and brewing. These owners were inspired on their surroundings. They also became very passionate about these craft beers and even conducted experiments on it.

Trading Post Brewing. This is the newest brewery, founded just this year 2016 and quickly became one of the favorite places in Langley. This has started with the owners desire on brewing an amazing beer. This was built as well for enriching their community.

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