People love Ireland whether they are natives or tourists. This is a country steeped in history. There are centuries old castles and remains of keeps, villages and side streets filled with book stores, tobacco shops, and taverns. There are mountains and beaches, urban areas and scenic rural communities. No visit to the border region of Ireland would be complete without touring the countryside with an organized county map of Donegal. Visitors won’t want to miss anything this part of Ireland has to offer.

The most famous mountain in all of Ireland is Mount Errigal. It has been photographed endlessly and graced the covers of tourist guides, books, and travel websites. The mountain is known for its seeming ability to change its appearance completely depending on the angle and direction it is photographed. It is a favorite of hikers, and on any given day there may be dozens of people in various stages of climbing. The wind can whip up unexpectedly though, so care must be taken even though it is not an otherwise treacherous climb.

While in the vicinity of Mount Errigal, a lot of visitors decide to check out Glenveigh National park with its famous lake, gardens, and castle. There are a variety of different paths to hike and trails that wind around the lake and lead to the gardens, which must be seen. These gardens are considered masterpieces of horticultural architecture. They are filled with vegetation only found in Ireland. Entrance into the park and gardens is free.

The sea cliffs of Slieve League are some of the highest in Europe, and they offer panoramic Atlantic views for those who climb to the top. Along the way visitors pass ancient stones indicating pilgrimages taken before Christianity took hold in the country. There are also fascinating ruins of an early Christian monastery that once housed religious clerics.

Golfing enthusiasts might want to make Portsalon their base of operations. The course is world famous, and there are beautiful sandy beaches, hiking trails, and quaint shops to enjoy. Tourists can rent self-sustaining cottages in the heart of this village that are convenient to all the amenities. Many visitors come for the boating and fishing as well.

There is even more to please the avid golfer at the Narin and Portnoo Golf Club. This world class course is known for its scenic beauty and beautiful bay side views. Cottages are available for those who plan to spend a few days in the region. Most are found in the village proper, which makes walking to local pubs and restaurants very convenient.

Tory Island is a special place to visit. It is located off the west coast of Ireland and considered one of this country’s most remote islands. It is also the residence of the last king of Ireland. Visitors can take the ferry and spend the day walking along the cliffs before making a stop at the wishing stone.

The border region is a wonderful place to visit. It showcases the best of Irish history, and the views are spectacular. The county known as the fort of foreigners is truly a magical experience.

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