There are many reasons to take the family on a camping trip. Quality time, memories that become part of family lore, tenting can be done at a beach, desert, mountains, and woods or even the backyard. The cost of camping sites compared to the cost of hotel rooms is a real bargain deal. Another reason to begin camping is health and relaxation. Un-loading the car, setting up the campsite, finding your own firewood and taking down your campsite will give you more exercise than you would ever imagine. As for relaxation, when the chores are done, and you are relaxing around the campfire with your family the quietness around you bring peace and tranquility to you. When purchasing a Indy camping tent for family camping, I have included some information that should be taken into consideration:

When thinking about the size of gazebo you need you should consider the fact that you will need some room for you’re camping gear, this is why it is wise to consider a gazebo that is slightly bigger than you need. For example, a family of four going on a camp trip would need room for all their equipment, therefore a six person gazebo would be the best choice to be able to cope with extra equipment.

Canopy comfort- Treat the camp canopy as your lodge out in the forest or woods, and so it should offer you comfort whether you are taking a nap or reading and relaxing or even having some family time. Ceiling height and ventilation are some of the things that you should have in mind when thinking about comfort inside your canopy.

There is a wide selection of camp gazebos available these days, which makes it a bit confusing as to which one would be best for you. Most gazebo manufactures will produce top quality gazebos at affordable prices these days, and finding the right one for you should not be that difficult a task.

This is ideal for sites that you can drive directly to. However, if you have to hike to your final campsite destination, carrying a large canopy can be awkward and tedious, even if you are taking turns doing it. It can also be somewhat dangerous if you have to climb up narrow paths, you may get caught carrying larger tents. For cases like this, it is advisable that each of you takes a single or share two person compact camp tents that are not difficult to carry.

Canopy weather resistance- Cold, heat, rain and wind together place demand on your camp canopy. Windy conditions demand that the canopy has sturdy poles, anchor ropes and stakes and geodesic canopies might be the best canopy for windy campsites. The canopy you choose should also manage to keep rain out and accommodate you comfortably when it begins to rain.

Your budget dictates as to which type or make of gazebo you can get, you do not want to go for the cheapest you can get, or on the other hand, you do not want to buy the most expensive. Once you know which size and style of gazebo you require then I would discard the lowest price and the highest price and pick one from what is left. The best place to find camping gazebos at affordable prices are online because these online sites do not have massive over heads they can sell their gazebos slightly cheaper. Plus most will offer free shipping on most items; this makes buying a gazebo a very easy and a simple process.

Canopy workmanship- It determines the durability of the canopy. Think about sturdiness and strength of the poles, the quality of the fabric used on the canopy, free opening and closing of the zippers and reinforcement of the canopy seams. Most people forget this important canopy part yet they can determine the kind of camping experience you get.

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