The continent of Africa is renowned for its vast diversity in culture and tradition. Its north is dominated by Muslims whereas the south consists of a Christian majority. For centuries now, the diversity present in the continent has helped its people preserve their many historic rites and sites. A section of the continent that has its own uniqueness is East Africa. One can gain lots of knowledge by going on a historical Ethiopia tour.

Ethiopia is a country that has managed to hold on to its ancient past despite the sweeping effects of modernity. Its roots trace as far back as the bible. Besides this, many historians consider it the cradle of mankind. This is because human fossils that date back millions of years have been found within its confines.

Once you land in the country, you will not run short of places to tour. All its lands, from the north to the south bordering Kenya, are full of historical significance. Most of its renowned sites have lots of information about the culture of its people, religion and the general history of mankind.

The first place you might want to tour is Addis Ababa. This is the capital city of the country. If you are jetting in, it is certainly the first place you will land in. The city can offer lots of insight on the history of the nation. It has got a national museum that details the history of civilization in the country, human evolution and its leadership.

The resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie can be found in the Trinity Cathedral. The Emperor holds legendary status in Rastafarian and Ethiopian culture. A large chunk of his fame came from his dedication to repelling invasion by the Italians during the scramble and partitioning of Africa by European powers. There are a plethora of city streets named in his honor in Africa.

A popular destination amongst tourists is Bahar Dar. It is famed thanks to the many wonders within its bounds. One can spot Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, when on site. It also hosts several prehistoric monasteries. If you often get enthralled by religious history, you should pay the location a visit.

Gondar is an important destination as well. Upon your arrival, take time to see the primeval remains of Kuskuam. The ruins used to house the Empress Mentewab back in the eighteenth century. The Royal Enclosure situated close by is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has 5 castles built successively by Ethiopian kings at the turn of the 1700s.

Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to Axum. With its historical significance, the ancient Axumite Empire used it as its capital. Today, it is a protected site in accordance with UNESCO designations. The 2000 year old Stelae fields located around the area still stand strong.

To cap your tour, visit the area of Lalibela. The location is renowned for the monastery of Mount Asheton. It is a rock hewn building constructed in the thirteenth century. Once done, you may fly back to Addis Ababa.

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