The Amazonian region offers one of the most rewarding tourism experiences. It has something special for tourists with different tastes from around the world. This makes it easy for agents to prepare a customized Amazon tour package. It will reflect a unique choice of destination, logistics and budget.

Galapagos Islands and the rain forest around are a combination of two of the most exciting natural attractions in the region. It gives you a chance to visit the expansive nature trails and the canopy towers. Some activities you can engage while visiting the region include snorkeling and kayaking. Marine wildlife like seals, giant tortoise and iguanas are also waiting for you. There are excellent hotels to provide accommodation alongside experienced guides.

Machu Picchu is a breathtaking attraction for history lovers. It is situated deep into the rain forest where you have a chance to interact with multiple varieties of monkeys. You will also encounter the giant river otters and other lake inhabitants. Along the way is the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas. Scenes from the top of Machu Picchu are amazing and unforgettable.

The world famous humming bird has chosen the Andes as its residence. On these endangered Cloud Forests, you will have a unique experience. This area is also inhabited by capuchin monkeys, unique varieties of colored butterflies and the spectacled bears. Accommodation is available and affordable at the Manu National Park. To fully exhaust the area, you need to plan several days in the region.

If you are not a lover of the high mountains, a tented camp and wildlife center on the low lying mountains will be perfect for you. This area is highly populated by the macaw clay licks as well as the giant river otters. Along the trail are parrots of multiple colors for your eyes and ears. You will get lodges and other accommodation facilities at very affordable prices. This is an unforgettable experience.

Tambopata is a research center located near a prominent macaw clay licks in the Amazon region. You will witness a display of some of the most colorful macaw birds that also entertain you with their sounds. There are lodges in this region with dedicated trails for children. The bio diversity in this region is amazing and rewarding for visitors.

The Amazonian region is among the richest in terms of tourist attraction. Tourists are facilitated to use different currencies depending on your target entry point. The US dollar is used in almost all pay points with ATMs connecting international banks to serve tourists from anywhere around the world. Notifying your banker will help you avoid identity theft flagging when you withdraw the money at a perceived strange address. It comes with delays and inconveniences that are better avoided.

It is always advisable to get a customized package drawn for you by an experienced agent. It will capture all necessary needs including tour guiding, transport, accommodation, immigration and food. Carry or budget for emergency because of the uncertainty of travel. Tourist guides and carriers will also appreciate a few dollars as tips.

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