India, as a country, offers plenty of opportunity to the tourist to explore every nook and corner and discover a wide variety in every sense like geographical, cultural, religious, spiritual, economical and many other form of diversity. One such state, that is a study in diverse landscape and colorful architecture, is the desert land of Rajasthan. It is not only one of India’s largest states but also has the unique combination of having deserts as well as a hill station within its territory. When on any of the Rajasthan Cultural Tours in Bhutan, you can discover a unique world of warrior princes and palaces and forts.

Bhutan is the land of peaceful Thunder Dragon and is known in the world by several names such as the “Last Shangri -La, ” and the ‘Last place on the roof of the world.” It has a great deal of offerings in its basket being offered as tourist spots such as- spectacular mountain views, immense scenic beauty and unique culture and lifestyle. The city is an unforgettable holiday destination for those who choose to venture there.

Many places in Northern India get their precious and semi precious stones form Jaipur which are believed to be of a superior quality. So if you are embarking on Rajasthan cultural tours, many of you are sure to carry back these sparkling stones and jewelry and that too at a much lesser cost than you would have paid if you were buying them from any other state. The warm hospitality of the Rajasthani people is sure to make your stay in Jaipur and in any other city a pleasant and memorable experience.

Paro Valley- This is a picturesque valley and one of the most desired destinations in the country. Numbers of old temples and monasteries are located in this valley. This valley is also very fertile and produces a significant amount of red-rice from terraced fields. Paro districted are also contains the only airport of the country.

Paro Tsechu – This is a very important Buddhist festival in the country. This is a five-day long religious celebration which is held in spring each year. It is a very interesting fest for the enjoyment, where monks dress as saints and demons to re-live the epic wars Buddhist mythology.

If you are going for a traditional trip to this nation, then you just cannot miss out the famed cattle and camel fair held in Pushkar each year. People of all caste, creed, and color and religious background flock in this small city to witness the spiritual festivities and colorful celebrations during the fairs.

Rajasthan traditional tours are sure to leave you hungry for more, and just a single visit is not enough to get to know this vast land. Its scenic beauty and architectural glamour, mythological and historical tales and of course rural culture and hospitality of the local people are sure to charm you, and you will keep coming back for more.

Trekking to The city can be best during the month of April and October. Tours to The city remain at the peak during these seasons. During the rest of the months, you can still plan tours to The city, but trekking is not at its best during that time. In The city there are around fifteen treks, which vary in difficulty level. Some of them are Druk Path, Bumthang Cultural and Gangtey Nature, Lunana Snowman, and the Jhomolhari – Laya – Gasa trek.

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