A Caribbean vacation is the quintessential cruise. Although each island has distinct characteristics, the area is typically associated with beautiful white sandy beaches, a warm yet not overbearing tropical climate, and clear, blue waters. Essentially, the Caribbean is the perfect trip for a week or two of relaxation, exploration, and soaking in some sun, be it on the beach in an island paradise or onboard a cruise ship. Taking advantage of the Southern Caribbean Cruise Deals make the trip memorable.

The Southern Caribbean offers a variety of experiences. Volcanic landscapes, lush jungle and unspoilt shores are all available on Tortola. The tranquility there is ideal for wondering around the craft markets or relaxing along quiet beaches with clear waters. Bridgetown in Barbados is another popular destination during southern Caribbean cruises. The old capital has an 18th century cathedral and a distinctly British flavor, there is even a miniature Trafalgar square!

These are the three main sailing lines that offer the best deals all year around. You can look them up more closely on any of the various different travel agents online. And don’t forget to look for good discounts in the right places.

For a southern Caribbean cruise, ships go close to South America, and may even include the continent’s northernmost ports in the itinerary. Because these islands are farthest away from the United States, the trip often starts in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For an eastern trip, the islands are often closest to the United States. Common ports are located in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Enjoy rock climbing in the morning, dip in the pool in the afternoons and enjoy fine dining at dawn while on Vision Class ships from Royal ones. This ship is also popular for its many dining options and a mini golf course. There’s also a Broadway-style show that you must not miss!

Generally, these cruises vacations fall within three types: southern, western, and eastern. Although port stops vary, cruise itineraries often include the following. For a western Caribbean cruise, the ship stops near the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. Such trips, as well, include not only the area’s island countries, such as Jamaica and the Caymans, but stop in Central America, including Belize and multiple ports in Mexico.

The Freedom Class is a ship with an extensive selection of onboard activities. You can choose from Hang Ten with Flow Rider, ice skating, rock climbing and even enjoy their mini golf facility. It also has whirlpools that are 12 feet along the sides of the ship where you can relax. For entertainment, it offers a 3D movie theater and an outdoor movie screen.

In conclusion it can be said that both Carnival line and also Royal Caribbean are best players in the industry. In terms of amenities, destinations and travel experience both have created benchmarks in their own unique ways. And it is thus up to the travelers to select one cruise line that suit them the best.

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