The US state of Kentucky is home to a wide array of flora and fauna. Each year, campers travel to the eastern, western and central parts of the state to savor the outdoors. There are 7 campgrounds that remain open all year long. Depending on your preferences, one of them could actually turn out to be your favorite RV campground KY.

The seven parks are Carter Caves, General Butler, Paintsville Lake, Fort Boonesborough, Levi Jackson, Lake Cumberland and Columbus Belmont. All these parks are governed by regulations that every camper ought to adhere to. Violating a rule may lead to the arrest of the violator and a penalty or in a few cases, jail time.

Before traveling, you might want to give the park administrators a call. While it is a fact that they are open throughout the year, some seasons record full bookings. You want to make sure you will get a slot before committing yourself to travel the distance.

One thing that park managers advise is for campers to book online. You may pay using a credit card or in cash if your plan is to travel to the park first. The advantage of doing so online is that you actually confirm availability before committing yourself financially.

There are a plethora of activities for the whole family that the parks are renowned for. You could play golf, ride a horse, hike, go fishing, go on a boat ride or simply watch birds. If you are thinking about staying indoors when the sun sets, you should search for rental cabins and stage lodges around in advance.

When around, it would be wise to find out whether there is a current ban on bonfires. These bans often get enforced during dry weather when there is a risk of forest fire. If you cannot get anyone around to give you this information, simply check whether it has been posted on a notice area.

There are rules regarding dogs as well. Dogs that are found running around unaccompanied and without rabies tags are usually impounded. This is all for the safety of other attendees. Once impounded, the dogs are taken to a designated animal shelter within that county. If a dog appears to be terrorizing members of the public and cannot be caught for whatever reason, it will be put down in the most humane manner.

Activities that are restricted include posting adverts, using metal detectors unless done by park wardens, collecting wildlife and plants for scientific research and rappelling. It is also a violation of the law for one to leave his RV unattended for a period that exceeds twenty four hours. If you do not have a choice, make sure you ask the park administrator for authorization.

Charges depend on the duration spent in the park. The longer you stay, the more you will pay. Special licenses such as extensive parking may also come at a price. To avoid getting inconvenienced, it would be prudent to get every important bit of information in advance. Luckily, all the information you need is available on the internet.

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