The Middle East is a very beautiful place. It is an area of great significance because it is right at the center of the world. This region has always played a central role in world politics since time immemorial. It is a place of top geopolitical significance. Babylon Empire once ruled the world and it is part of present day Iraq. Modern day Iran was once the Persian Empire. Jerusalem has always been a centre of religion and commerce. One needs to travel to Jordan to see that amazing side of the Middle East rarely featured in the news.

Jordanian cities are filled with awe and wonder. One will always be left in amazement of the raw beauty of this great country. Even with great determination, one cannot explore every Jordanian wonder in one trip. There will always be need for a return trip. The more than one gets to interact with this nation, the more that he falls in love with it.

The Petra ruins in this nation occupy a special place in the list of archaeological ruins. One will be amazed by the pure genius behind the construction of these ruins. It seems that even before the dawn of modern civilizations, there were great Jordanian architectural minds. These ruins are not less than three thousand years old yet they still look amazing and functional.

Another leading Jordanian attraction is the Dead Sea. This is found between the border of Israel and Jordan and is considered as the lowest point of planet earth. The banks of this salt lake are more than 300m below sea level. The mineral-rich black mud of this lake has cosmetic and therapeutic uses. There are many resorts around the Dead Sea.

Jordan is a place that is witnessed many great religious activities. It is considered as a place of interest by the three major faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is where Jesus Christ was baptized. The baptism precisely happened at the Jordan River. John the Baptist started his mission of calling people to repent their sins, on this river.

If there is an oasis of peace in the Middle East then it has to be this state. It has been political stable for decades when it neighbors like Syria and Iraq are falling into conflict and war. The country is headed by a King but there is also the position of Prime Minister and various parliamentary positions, filled through democratic elections.

A country is just as good as its people. The Jordanian lot, are a great people who hate war and always strive for peace. Most importantly, they are very friendly. That is why tourists always feel at home in this nation. One will never get lost when in Amman or any other Jordanian city. Someone will gladly offer useful directions.

Visiting Jordan is something that an individual will not regret. This is one of those places that one should visit before he dies. There are many great places around the world. However, very few of them beat the splendor of Jordanian attractions. Some of the Jordanian tourist attractions are considered as UNESCO World Heritage sites. One can easily travel to Amman.

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