Lots of people dream of taking a cruise with their family. There are lots of companies to choose from, but none offer everything that Disney can. There is a great mix of things for kids of all ages to do, mixed with grown up activities that let parents get away and relax while the children are being taken care of by ship staff. That is why Disney Cruise Vacation Packages are so popular with families.

There are multiple ports where these cruises leave from. If you live close enough to one, you can add a rental car to your package and drive. If not, then airline tickets can be easily booked and added to your deal. If flying, you may need to stay overnight before the ship leaves, so a night in a hotel is also another option.

In case you need an overnight stay the day before embarkation, then you have a variety of price options to choose from for your room. From five star hotels that have all the amenities and room service, to a budget option that is no frills to save money, you can get anything you need. Be sure to ask for a place that has free shuttle service to the port, or else you will have to pay for your own shuttle or taxi.

The port you leave out of will determine which stops you get to make during your cruise and what your full itinerary will be. Galveston in Texas leaves out of the Gulf of Mexico, and may include stops in the western part of the Caribbean ocean, such as Jamaica or the Bahamas. If you leave out of Florida, you may go further into the Caribbean and even the Atlantic ocean, depending on which countries you prefer.

Instead of leaving out of the United States, there are some itineraries that leave out of Europe, necessitating an overseas flight. After you arrive, there is often a welcome party that you get to attend, letting you start your vacation a day early. You also get to explore great cities without booking multiple trip legs.

While cruising, you can expect world class dining options, most of which are included in the price of your package. Most nonalcoholic drinks are also covered, including water, tea, and coffee. If you want alcohol, you can pay for this separately.

There are other services that are not included, including spa ones. If you want a massage, facial or manicure, you can get one for an additional fee. You could also ask your travel agent to include an onboard credit to use towards these expenses when you book.

You also have to pay for port taxes and gratuities, which you can prepay in advance when you pay for the trip. This means your only additional charges are for spa services, alcohol, and any onboard souvenirs you may buy.

Booking a Disney cruise means you get to make memories that last a lifetime. No matter where you leave from or what package you book, you will have a fun and relaxing time.

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