A trip to Ohio that was taken recently presented the need to look for hotels in Marietta Ohio. Marietta is a small city located in the mid-west that as quite a number of comfortable hotels in which one can stay. Even though there was not a large number of hotels, there were enough choices to let the discriminating traveler decide what the most important amenities were for them to enjoy their stay and make a good choice without feeling limited.

The majority of the hotels in the city of Marietta were rated either a two or three star property with a few who claimed to be a four star property. It appeared that all the lodging available were pretty moderately priced and a person could easily find the price range that would be acceptable for a clean room whether on a budget or not. Price obviously changed based on the location, niche, and number of amenities available at the property.

The hotels in this city seemed to cater to families who wanted a clean, comfortable, moderately priced place to stay in town. Finding a good fit seems pretty easy with all the choices available. These choices included many well known hotel chains that are established and have solid reputations in regards to their product.

All of the properties located in this city do not have the same ambiance or vibe and hotels in Marietta, OH are no different. The traveler will find contemporary lodging that is newly built, properties that offer all suites versus the standard room, along with historical and boutique properties. For the traveler looking to stay an extended period, there is even long term stay properties available.

Amenities offered varied with a large majority offering breakfast included in the price of the room. Some have either indoor or outdoor pools for their guests to enjoy as well as a gym to use. Many have laundry service, wi-fi, and free parking.

Business travelers could find all their needs at some of the hotels. A few catered to the business traveler by providing special services as well as equipped business centers for their use. One of the local hotels that catered to the business traveler had a large conference center that could host full conferences with all the supportive needs normally needed for conferences.

Besides amenities, location is another important attribute in considering where to stay. Most of the lodging is easily accessible and in close proximity to each other. Location can also be decided based on what the traveler will be doing while in town visiting. The traveler may choose based on which highway they are using to travel or whether or not they want to be in close proximity to the river for its enjoyment.

Regardless of where one decides to stay, a nice quiet room is available with a myriad of amenities to boot. So, once priorities are set as to the location and amenities that are required, it should be relatively easy to make a decision based on the choices of available hotels in Marietta, Ohio. Hopefully the experience will leave one wanting to revisit many times in the future.

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