Planning a big vacation is something a lot of people enjoy. Many love the idea of relaxing on the beach, and others get excited at the chance to visit a new theme park attraction. These may be people who would never think about taking off on a trip to an exotic location in another country. For the really adventurous, this kind of vacation is a dream come true. The chance to experience Ethiopia tours for instance can be perfect for lovers of ancient history and tribal culture.

Before you visit a foreign country for the first time, it is a good idea to learn some things about it. Ethiopia is a democratic republic located in northeast Africa. It boasts an ancient heritage and is believed to be where the earliest humans left for the Middle East. Unlike some of its neighbors, it was never colonized, but it has not escaped the ravages of wars.

For newcomers to the country, starting out in the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa, is a great idea. If you are traveling on to other parts of the country, it is possible to get a quick overview of this great city before you leave. In just a few hours you can see the remains of Lucy, the three million year old hominid, in the National Archaeological Museum. You can stroll through the biggest open air market in Africa, the Merkato.

If you have more time, you can choose from several day long excursions that not only include the museum and market, but allow you to experience the tradition of an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. This area is the birthplace of coffee, and the natives are proud to point that out. It is worth the time it takes to hike through the eucalyptus forests in order to see the city from Mount Entoto.

There are day trips available with locals guiding guests to the Blue Nile Gorge. The Blue Nile is one of the Nile River’s largest tributaries, and it originates in Lake Tana in Ethiopia. The gorge itself is often compared to the Grand Canyon. While you are in the area, a trip to Debre Libanos monastery should be taken.

If you are in the country for an extended stay, there are several tours available lasting for as long as ten days. There is an unforgettable tour of Northern Ethiopia. After touring Addis Ababa, you will fly to different locales and take buses to the various sights. These can include the castles and churches in Gondar, the Simien National Park, and the Queen of Sheba’s castle ruins.

It is possible to tour the more remote areas of this country and get a first hand look at the way many people in this country live every day. In the Lower Omo Valley, visitors can mingle with the tribal residents and learn why the Karo natives paint their bodies and the Mursi women insert plates in their lips.

For those with a spirit of adventure and a love of history, visiting a foreign country is a great opportunity. It’s a chance to experience new places and different cultures. Exploring this ancient part of this world can be incredibly enlightening.

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