There are many people making the choice to move to the Kelowna, BC area of Canada. So many new arrivals have made the city one of the most rapidly growing population centers in North America. New residents are of retirement age, as well as younger employees. They choose the city because of its mild climate and because of the many things to do and see. The many new residents make staying up with the demand for Kelowna real estate almost impossible.

The market for homes in the area is very overheated due to the rapid influx of people. There is a need to increase the inventory, especially in the last few years. The people moving into the area are looking for comfortable and attractive Kelowna homes, especially in the most desirable areas of the community. The size of the area within the boundaries is larger than other cities with a greater population. This can mean longer commute times and a mixture of neighborhoods.

There are multiple neighborhoods in each of the ten significant districts of the city. The population levels have grown so rapidly recently that the latest population figures are only an estimate. The quoted population in 2014 was around 120,000 people. Many tourists come to visit the scenic attractions of the Okanagan Lake and Valley.

The many activities in the area which draw visitors include both summer and winter pastimes. The summer season features, water sports, hiking, biking, golf, boating and fishing on the lake. In the winter, visitors enjoy skiing at Big White and Silver Star ski resorts. A significant source of employment in the region is based on services for tourists and visitors. Retirees are another large segment of its population, They enjoy the milder climate, which supports the many activities available to senior citizens.

The area is known for its production of wines which are recognized internationally. Mostly, the vineyards are located south of the city where the climate is ideal for growing quality grapes. Sun-Rype bars also have their headquarters within the community. The area has been compared to the Napa Valley, California for its climate and wine production.

The south-central part of BC is the location of this city. The Regional District of Central Okanagan is also located in this community. In the native language, the word means “grizzly bear” In terms of size which is encompassed by the municipal boundaries, it is the third largest. It is also the 22nd largest in Canada. The Kelowna market update includes nearby communities of Lake Country City, Summerland, Penticton, West Kelowna and Peachland.

The weather which characterizes the area is generally somewhat dry. The summers are hot, with plenty of sunshine. During the winter season, the weather turns cold and cloudy. There are four separate seasons each year. The moderating influence of Lake Okanagan and the protection of sheltering mountains help to keep the area somewhat warmer that is expected of other Canadian cities.

The Kelowna homes for sale are offered in a variety of styles and price ranges, although they tend to run in the less affordable grouping when compared to other Canadian cities.

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