Sometimes it seems like every time you turn on the news there are disturbing stories and footage of conflict in the Middle East. This region of the world has had an unfortunate and violent history. The small country of Jordan, right in the center of hostile opponents, has somehow remained a haven to stability and peace. It is no wonder why visitors choose to travel there and take the many Jordan tours offered all year round.

This is a small country, but there is so much to see and do, it’s hard to decide where to start. The ancient city of Petra is a good choice. The Rose Red City is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and one of its most famous archaeological sites. Touring this place is like stepping back into another world.

Guides lead guests through the Street of Facades, and the Theater. You will marvel at the Treasury and learn about the legend of a pharaoh’s treasure. You will also see the dam renovated in the twentieth century to replicate the original structure originally built by the Natabataeans.

The Royal Tombs are a perfect example of ways citizens honored royalty in death and the importance of their belief in the power of the after world. The Urn Tomb is the first in a series. It can only be accessed by flights of stairs. The colorful Silk is next. Then visitors come to the Corinthian Tomb, and may be struck by its resemblance to the Treasury. The three story Palace Tomb impresses everybody. It is said to have been built in a manner similar to Nero’s Golden House.

The Amman Citadel is an open air museum that has been occupied since the Neolithic Age. You will see the pillars, announcing that you are nearing the Temple of Hercules, well before you actually reach it. You might have to search to find the famous hand of Hercules because most visitors find it much smaller than it appears in photographs.

There are burial caves at the Citadel that date back to the Bronze Age. Whole communities were interred here. The waiting rooms are all that is left of Al-Qasr, a massive palace built by the early Muslims.

No one goes to this part of the world without touring the lowest spot on the planet, the Dead Sea. Many are surprised to learn this lake is a natural source of salt and rich in rejuvenating minerals. Visitors are invited to enjoy the sensation of floating in its therapeutic waters.

These are just a few of the many wonders this beautiful country has to offer. Anyone planning a visit should carefully pick and choose which sights they most want to experience. Many are busy planning their next trip to the region before they have even finished with the first.

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