These are buildings that provide lodging services for short periods of time and operate on a daily basis. Hotels have receptions that are placed together with waiting areas where guests are welcomed. There is also a restaurant that is fully fitted with an eating area and a kitchen. Hotels are also equipped with lounges where guests relax and hotel rooms that can accommodate people who are travelling for long distances. Facts regarding Marietta Ohio hotels.

The rooms are very important since most guests require only a place to rest before they can go on with the journey. Others require rooms to stay during their vacation periods. A room should have a washroom, a sleeping area, storage area examples a wardrobe and a safe for storage of vital things such as many or expensive jewelries.

There are different sizes and types of rooms depending on the need of the guests. Single rooms, duplex, double rooms and presidential suites are examples of room included in a hotel. The charge of the room is determined by the services offered. A single room is cheaper compared to a presidential suite. A bed, a washroom and a workstation are found in a single room hence making it to be cheaper. There are other extra services offered in a presidential suite. These services include a Jacuzzi, a mini bar, a lounge among others.

Hotels exist in various types depending on the size. The hotel industry has set up certain standards that can be used to describe a hotel of a particular size and depending on the type of services offered. This also governs the cost of staying in the hotel. They are categorized as one star, two star, three star four star and five star hotels.

The cost of a four star hotel is expensive compared to a two star hotel. Unlike the four star hotel, a two star hotel has limited services and it is smaller in size. They are referred to as travellers inns because of the few services they offer. Business meetings can take place in a five star hotel.

The local facilities range from one star to three star facilities and are commonly filled with the local people. The four star and five star are seen as international hotels as they accommodate different groups of people who speak different languages. They usually cater for international guest and for this they employ people who speak various languages in order to communicate with them.

These are quite luxurious places and offer high quality services of international standards making them very expensive. Such facilities have accommodation services, on site restaurants and professional services. They do offer additional services like gymnasiums, swimming pools, golfing and horse riding services. Apart from that they have full professional experts to assist the guest in anyway.

The vision of an owner determines the design of a hotel. The environment is also another factor. Planning and drafting are involved during designing of a hotel. These designs are both traditional and modern designs. They hold the tradition of an area. Contemporary design is a professional type. They symbolize the modern society and they are also classy.

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