Today you can enjoy in luxurious camping and find a perfect Indy camping tent that will fulfill all your expectations. Strength, stability and really beautiful design, all these describe these lovely tents. A great variety of models is the best guarantee you will find something for yourself, and here are some tips that might make your choice easier.

First of all, you need to choose the size. It is not so easy as it sounds, and it might be good to visit a store with displayed models before selecting the size. Make sure that it will be enough space not only for you and your friends or family, but also for all your luggage, or even bikes. More experienced campers know what they need, but it could be more difficult for someone new in this.

Larger tents can be divided into one living area and one or more sleeping areas. Some models have several bedrooms that can be folded away for more flexibility. There can also be one or more entrances, including covered entrance area and sometimes with spacious side doors that can convert into canopies. It’s good to have plenty of storage pockets, they are really useful.

There are inflatable and pole types you can choose from. The first one can be easily pitch using simple air pump, and the other model uses traditional poles for achieving rigidity and stability of the structure, and requires more time and skill. It is much cheaper, on the other hand, and also heavier to carry. Inflatables are lighter, easier to pitch and more expensive.

Inflatable models are usually much lighter, but you still have to carry a large pump with you, and the pump is usually provided. Some models can weight only twelve pounds, while larger ones might weight up to ninety. It’s nice to have it all packed in separate bags, especially when you have a heavier model to carry and manage on the site.

What you really have to have is a fully sewn-in groundsheet. It will certainly ease your life, especially when it comes to bugs and similar outdoor living issues. Both types come with or without this option. In any case, some pole models are also quite easy to manage, for example tunnel tents. The construction is simple, and you don’t have to worry about pole crossings.

The inflatable model of your choice might have only one or more inflation points. These with only one inflation point are easier to pitch, although you still have to take care of all those guy ropes as well. Keep in mind that air chambers of a larger diameter provide additional stability, especially if you are concerned about windy weather in the area.

Different models might also have various hydro static ratings. This is a measure of the water resistance of the material, and the higher the number, the better the resistance. For example, 4000 mm is a quite good resistance for an average tent, but those really high quality models usually have at least 6000 mm when it comes to the hydro-static rating. Higher rating means higher price as well.

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