Most of individuals have always wanted to join the rescue teams but they do not know where to start. These teams are basically composed of highly trained members whom are extremely active in the rescue operations. There are strict requirements which individuals are required to fulfill if they have to gain full membership of mountain rescue association regions.

This simply implies that there exists no kind of training which is common to all individuals basically in that group. The members of the group are though expected to perform their activities in the safest way both in the individual capacity and as a group. This should be applicable in all conditions plus terrain which the team might be involved in. The group needs to also have adequate skills plus reserves which would positively contribute to the process of rescue in one or even more field.

Competence of an individual as well as his popularity with the locals is basically very applicable on most of conditions. There exists a degree of fitness which is always viewed to as the acceptance criteria for an acceptance in the probation period in which later you will be regarded a full membership in that team. This is mostly judged by the application details which an individual is required to fill in the forms of application together with a precise process of interview by the committee of the team of choice.

The application details is meant to effectively identify the expected experience together with the needed references. This probation period does not last for a long period of time since it takes a duration of one year under normal circumstances. This period is not actually meant to train the potential candidate but it has its major focus.

Another skill which is required by several teams is the ability of an individual to effectively tie numerous knots. These variations involve the variations specifically on the figure eight, Italian hitch, clove hitch, French and bowline without forgetting classic prussic. The knowledge of how an individual is able to look after himself in the mountain is basically another important skill which most of organizations look at.

One of the objectives of this particular period is the demonstration of basic suitability in the team by the probationer. Another objective of this period is for the probationer to get familiar with other members of the team together with the operation mode. Another important thing during this period is for the probationer to get familiar with the team members, their weaknesses and their strengths.

Training is another area of focus which most of teams focus on before making any given individual to become a full member. The training session is not entirely meant to give individuals a certain level of skills and fitness which are necessary in meeting the requirements but it rather focuses beyond the resources of the association meant to offer essential mountaineering novice for one to become a member in such a group.

Training is another important thing which is involved before an individual becomes a full member of these associations. The main reason why training is usually provided in these associations is actually not to achieve the level of fitness and the skills required to meet the criteria listed in the section of introduction.

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