Paris is most often termed as city of love by many people who know about its history. It is one of the cities which have not abandoned their culture despite civilization. Additionally, it has recorded culinary breakthroughs over the years. If you are planning to visit the city, you should not miss out on Paris cultural walks.

In order to get the most out of such experiences, you need to know some helpful tips about the city so that you are able to navigate through it with ease. Speaking French is a bonus because it is the common language there. You do not have to strive for native fluency in the language but being able to find your way using simple phrases will be great.

If you are a person who cannot go for extensive periods without going to the toilet then you should be prepared to pay for such services in the city. There are no free restrooms unless it is at the place you are staying in. Carry loose change to avoid painful delays or being turned away.

Smoking is very common in the city. A ban has been made regarding smoking in public smoking but still you will come across a number of people smoking. Non-smokers should be ready to puff some smoke clouds in the course of the walks. Parisian women are not so used to makeup. Thus, you will see many of them in their natural state. In order to blend in well, you might want to try this too.

Even if there are cultural differences, you should not label everyone as weird just because they are not behaving in the manner you are used to. Some are very friendly after you get to know them. You will notice that they greet everyone with a smile. Adopting this will not hurt you.

You can move from one place to another using the metro or taxis. People who are on budget should not hire taxis because of the exaggerated rates. The metro will do just fine especially if you know how it works. Also, you will be able to get to every part of the town at very low prices and also very fast.

When in restaurants, you should take your time to enjoy the cuisine. People are not in a hurry to get through the day. Additionally, you should not expect the waiters to bring you checks. You might be waiting for a very long time if you do not know otherwise. Also, remember to greet people as you enter stores and bid them goodbye on your way out. It is an important tradition.

Cultural walks are enjoyable when you have a great guide. Therefore, do not just choose anyone for this job. Additionally, you should decide on your vacation month depending on the objectives. If you love being in the midst of big crowds then August is the best month to travel to the city. However, if you would rather avoid the intense human traffic them choose any other month apart from August. Be assured that you will have life-changing experiences.

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