Missouri is certainly one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United States. It simply has everything. It boast extraordinarily beautiful natural areas, many species of wildlife, the majestic Mississippi river and so many things to do and to see that it becomes a problem to choose. The road networks are excellent, there are many overnight facilities that will suit almost any budget and visitors are always made to feel welcome. By offering so many group activities St Louis certainly attract its fair share of tourists each year.

This city is a popular destination for school classes, companies that want to do some team building and families. They want the types of experiences that caters for groups and not just for individual visitors. Luckily, the city offers many such attractions and a host of professional team building professionals can even design a special program that caters specifically for the needs of groups of all ages and sizes.

The city enjoys great weather for most of the year and it is not surprising that outdoors adventures are extremely popular. Companies such as Go Ape offers spectacular zip line rides in very beautiful natural surroundings. There are many hiking trails, facilities for horse riding and other adventure activities. Grants Farm, a former presidential estate, now offers visitors a wide variety of wildlife in their natural surroundings.

A visit to the City Museum is a must. This extraordinary museum is more like a giant fun park for adults. It boasts more than 600 000 square foot of exhibition space. Every exhibit consist of reclaimed materials and the amazing whole has been created by artists and engineers. Visitors are actively involved. They can climb inside chimneys, explore enchanted caves, slide ten storeys down a special chute and touch almost all exhibits.

The magic House is another very popular attraction. This interactive educational centre focus upon making learning a whole lot of fun. It is designed for younger visitors but people of all ages enjoy the Bubble Room and the amazing pin point wall that lets people create full three dimensional pictures of themselves. There is a replica of the bean stalk that Jack climbed and visitors are encouraged to actually climb it.

For those not quite so adventurous there are numerous boat trips on the Mississippi. Gateway Arch Riverboats, for example, will take you at a leisurely pace do the great river. Guides provide passengers with information about the history of the area and, of course, the great Gateway Arch is always an inspiring sight. Groups can even reserve a tour exclusively.

Lovers of sport will be delighted. Visitors can enjoy every imaginable sport and then even some they never new existed. Clubs generally welcome visitors and some even rent out equipment. There are numerous world class golf courses and an absolute abundance of water sports. Those that want to try something new, like paragliding, can enjoy the activity after a few basic lessons.

This city is definitely the place to go if natural beauty, good weather, a host of activities, fine dining and a hearty welcome is required. Visitors should keep in mind that the popularity of certain activities and many hotels and motels necessitate advance booking. In most cases this can be done on line.

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