The world is full of amazing places to visit. However, few places match the excitement derived from touring a location that helps one relive what life was like in the ancient world. Thanks to explore Jordan tours, you are assured of a great journey through the rich history of the Middle East.

There are a plethora of tour companies that plan trips to Jordan on a regular basis. While the packages that one can opt for are numerous, most companies strive to include certain significant sites in all categories. With enough research, you should not have a hard time finding a package that meets your requirements.

Being a country steeped in culture and tradition, Jordan is home to lots of interesting tourist spots. Majority of travel firms start by flying tourists straight to Amman, the capital city. There is no doubt it is a real gem in the Arab world. Over the years, it has made a mark as a center of commerce and politics.

Continually inhabited for centuries, it has seemingly managed to strike a balance between the old and new. While the city has its fair share of modern skyscrapers, it is still straddled with ancient architecture from the Neolithic period. Its timelessness is what often draws visitors from across the globe.

Petra is another site that you need to include in your itinerary. Almost every visitor to the country sets some time aside to travel to the lost ancient city. Hidden for many centuries, it was built in a highly secluded valley by cutting deep into a steep cliff face.

It was only rediscovered in the early nineteenth century and has since remained a true wonder of the world. Nowadays, it is the most visited site in Jordan. The rediscovered ruins also give archeologists lots of insights into the mysterious nature of ancient living.

Wadi Rum is an interesting site to pay homage to as well. Located in the south, it is an extensive landscape dotted with ancient riverbeds, majestic rock formations and sandy desert. The region is home to the Bedouins, a semi nomadic desert community. The community has remained uninfluenced by modernity, preferring to live in tents made out of goat skin and tending to their goats and sheep day in day out. A simple visit will undoubtedly give you insights on how diverse the world is.

You might also want to consider visiting the Dead Sea while on tour. It is located at the lowest elevation on the planet and has lots of mysterious phenomena. The salt content that the water has is six times that of a typical ocean.

This is because of the high mineral content in the water, a whooping thirty three percent. This also results in high water buoyancy, making it technically impossible for objects to sink. It got its name from the fact that no living organism can survive in it.

There is so much more that the country has to offer to travel enthusiasts. For the best experience, ensure you plan your finances in advance. Once ready, be prepared for a memorable experience.

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