Almost everyone knows that Disney has a cruise line. However, few realize what this means. There is literally too much involved to know it all. Fortunately, there are friendly and skilled customer service people waiting for your toll-free call to help you create a trip of a lifetime with one of the spectacular Disney Cruise vacation packages.

Four huge ships, modeled on the luxury liners of yesteryear, visit ports of call around the Caribbean, throughout Northern Europe, along the shores of the Mediterranean, and up both coasts of the United States. They even offers river cruises for those who prefer inland waters. There is truly something that will interest everyone, whether it’s parents of toddlers or seniors intent on seeing the world. Comfort is paramount in these excursions, and the on-board entertainment is Magic-Kingdom special.

Package tours are great values. Airlines, hotel chains, and restaurants offer discounts to Disney’s guests, and online coupons can give you even better bargains. You can check whether your vacation date can be accommodated, see where you might stay before boarding the ship (a high-rise resort or a snug B&B), and decide which destination calls to you.

If you want sun, there is the Caribbean, the Baja Peninsula, or sunny Barcelona. Wilderness awaits in the far north, in Alaska or Canada and northern New England. Visit Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, or swim over the coral reef of St. Lucia. Shop in Copenhagen or in the Bahamas, if you don’t find everything your heart could desire in the boutiques on board ship.

Only have two nights to be away? No problem; sail from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico. If you have four or five nights, see the California coast from from San Diego to Vancouver, enjoying the amenities of the ship and the famous sights of the Pacific coastline. Cross the Atlantic, if you choose, for eleven to fifteen days of luxury rather than tedious hours squeezed onto a jet.

Learn about the native peoples and cultures of Alaska, sail through the Panama Canal, or see the white cliffs of Dover. The world is your oyster, at least the parts of it that these tours open up for you. The journey can be as soporific or enlivening as you want to make it when you sail with these vacation experts.

If fun is your object, consider a theme tour. Think about celebrating the winter holidays on the high seas, or embarking on a Star Wars adventure. If you love marvel comics and heroes, there is a tour that takes you into that fantasy world. On a regular excursion, the amenities and activities of the 14-deck ship provide all the fun people of any age can want. Toddlers can splash in a pond surrounded by beloved cartoon characters. Adults have shops, spas, restaurants, and nightclubs. You can lie in a deck chair and watch the ocean or fill every waking moment with activity.

“Getting there is half the fun’ is a company slogan. After browsing online, you may feel that half is an understatement. Dedicated staff, state of the art technology for smooth, carefree sailing, and over-the-top amenities will make your trip unforgettable. So, Bon voyage!

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