If you love to go trout fishing, the next step is to learn how to go after big bones. Bonefishing Cat Island Bahamas is the most challenging, exciting and rewarding thing you will ever do. These fish are smart and very difficult to catch. More importantly, they aren’t going to respond to the same techniques that you use when pursuing trout. Following are a few, helpful tips that will allow you to attract and catch some of the biggest and most intelligent fish that you’ve ever come across.

It is not common for people to talk about fish as though they have a sense of smell, but bonefish are notorious for picking odors up. When you finally make your trip to the flats, spend some time rubbing local sand on your hand to rub the odors off. This is going to make you smell like a natural part of the terrain and nothing to be suspicious of.

You shouldn’t smoke any cigarettes or cigars, use scented products or spray on cologne. You also want to wear cloths that match with the natural elements around you. Leave your bright, Hawaiian shirt at home and opt for muted, neutral tones instead.

Always have a pair of wading boots when heading out to the flats. Even before you leave for your trip you should start breaking these boots in. This is the best way to prevent painful blisters. Bonefish can be easily spooked and you may find yourself wading for a very long time before actually spotting some action.

Given that these fish have a nice metallic color, they can sometimes be difficult to spot. If you are heading out with a guide, make sure to take direction from him as best as you can. Trust in his ability to spot the fish, given that he will have far more experience.

During their feeding times is the best time to try positioning your fly. Get this as close to their faces as possible because you definitely want the fish to see it. Once your fly reaches the flat bottom, try it around a bit. This causes the fly to appear as a shrimp that is in the middle of feeding and increases your likelihood of having the fly get picked up on.

It is additionally important to keep noise levels down while fishing for bones. These fish are smart, which how they get to be so big in the first place. If they think that anything is wrong at all, they will go swimming off in the other direction. Avoid making loud bumping sounds on the boat bottom or dropping and dragging heavy equipment. Keep in mind that wind directions often change in this environment. This means that you are going to have to alter your cast often in order to hit your target. Spend time casting into the wind and away from it before heading out.

Stealth is absolutely critical when fishing for bones. Always be quite and always make every effort to naturally blend in with your surroundings. If you can effectively sneak up on these fishes and are capable of positioning your fly just right, you may be able to bring in a fish of truly impressive proportions.

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