When summertime comes, it’s time to head out to where cool water sparkles in the sunshine. However, when it’s too hot to enjoy yourself even there, and you begin to fear getting sunburned, you may dream about a swim in the shade.

So – what? Place the pool under trees? Forget long days on the lake where you can’t hear the noise from the shore and where the big fish like the cold depths? Stay indoors from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon? Wear a hat, long sleeves, and pants all summer long?

There’s an easier and more flexible option: get a floating canopy that casts a large shadow wherever you want it. The canopy can rest half on land (or boat deck) and half on the water or be totally afloat. It looks like a regular canopy but stands on inflated rings. Patented locking devices secure the legs to the floats and make it easy to move the whole unit anywhere you like.

We know now that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is unhealthy. When the sun is high in the sky, ultraviolet rays can cause a painful sunburn. These rays can damage your skin, causing premature aging and wrinkling and maybe skin cancer. Water reflects the sun, which means it’s even easier to get too much exposure when you’re afloat.

Photo galleries online show relaxed people floating on rafts in crystal pools, with a broad canopy casting its shade exactly where they need it. They show fishermen sitting at ease on the back of their boats, comfortable in the shade as they angle for the big ones. Imagine having one on the beach of a quiet bay, so the kids can build sand castles and wade without risking painful and dangerous sunburns.

Grandpa can fish off his boat without wearing a hat and without getting sunstroke. The canopy can be set on the rear deck of the boat and extend out far enough into the water to create a pool of shade, cutting the glare without blocking the cooling breezes.

The covers are really great for pools, much better than shade trees. Trees drop all sorts of debris into the water, which you have to skim off and vacuum out. They also keep the water from warming up early in the season. If you float a canopy just where you want it, the rest of the water is exposed to the sun to warm up nicely. You also won’t have to slather on the sunscreen, trying to remember to reapply it every two hours and wondering if it is really protecting you and your family.

Awnings, umbrellas, and porches can go only so far. A portable, floating canopy means that your days at the beach, pool, lake, or quiet bay can be spent mostly outside. After all, your time in the sun is limited, especially if you try to cram it all into one vacation or if you live up north where summers are short. Check out the photos and information posted online and see what a great idea this innovation is.

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