There are people who can cry a river if you happen to separate them. They are lovers. Most new lovers get addicted to each other and cannot simply get out of each others sight. As they spend time together, things change, and they sometimes feel suffocated by each others presence. Spouses nowadays prefer to take a break from each other by taking a DIY vacation Costa Rica.

Then suddenly in the last two decades there emerged a new crop of tourists who are looking for singles holidays without any travel companion. These were people who were either singletons or just wanted to be single for their holidays. Single traveler holiday became the rapidly growing industry. The tourism sector took some time to recognize these singletons traveling alone.

But now the tourism sector is organized and duly aware of the growing market of singles holidays. Solo holidays have not remained same haphazardly planned and on-the-go vacations. Many tourism companies have emerged that plan holidays only for single people. It has widened the demographic range of single travelers on holiday. Now anyone looking for a break from his or her monotonous life or just want to spend some time with one’s self goes for a single holiday.

A single traveler on vacation can be anyone from investment banker to a beautician running her parlor. People look for peace and solace in their single holiday. Whether it is the case of running away from relationships or search for inner calm, peaceful and serene vacations can do wonders to lift up the mood and soul of the single traveler.

Even then some people still become nervous at the mention of holidays for single people. They want to explore the world alone but do not want to feel solitary. For such people, the market has the option of the tour in groups with travel companions of the same background. Being a social animal, humans are still not fully comfortable with the idea of all alone and search for some travel companion who share the same feeling of being traveling alone. With such companion, one can share one’s travel experiences and can also seek some tips or advice.

Nowadays holiday for single travelers are planned specifically for single people by tour managers, and even the hotel industry has special packages to attract them and make the solo holidays memorable. So, beginnings as a refuge for wanderers or singletons single holidays have taken the shape of the fully organized industry. Now if one wants to roam the hills or explore an exotic city, everything can be organized in a proper planned and comfortable way.

The results in search engines indicate that women travel a big thing in today’s world. Guys have also discovered the camping trip idea as the straight men dates have raised in number. They go out, talk and have their drinks without thinking about their wives. The initial doubts about traveling solo can be overwhelming, but with time it feels like the best thing.

This escape route opens up to wonderful destinations of solo holidays for single travelers. Solo singles holidays can also work as a confidence booster for a single person; who can now face the world with a new zeal for life.

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