One way to take pleasure in warm weather is by spending as much time as possible outdoors. Considering the fact that winter is far gone, many people have already thought of activities that will get them through the summer. To get the best summer experience, you should think of taking your family out on a Colorado camping tent trip.

There are a plethora of spots to tour and camp in the majestic jewel situated in the US. Before your trip, however, make sure you have all the essentials that will help you stay comfortable. These include matchsticks, a kettle, torch, bedding, foodstuffs and first aid equipment.

If you do not own a tent, you can get rentals within the state. There are plenty of tour companies that sell and rent out tents to camping enthusiast who visit the state year in year out. Once your gear is ready, you may get down to exploring the natural marvels that form part of the state.

A notable location from where to start your excursion is Little Molas. The location has gradually grown to become a favored spot for campers all over the country due to its close distance to Lake Andrews. One can get incredible views of the plant and wildlife around the sprawling lands by pitching tent alongside the lake.

If you have the right fishing gear, you can while away catching trout once the evening sets in. The site is located right between Silverton and Durango, two famed local towns. It also gives way to the Colorado Trail, all the more reason why you should pack up your tent and travel soon.

Another great location is the Pinyon Flats Campground. It is conveniently situated in a significantly beautiful part, the San Luis Valley. One night or two in camp is undoubtedly bound to leave you long lasting memories.

At the southeast end is the Sand Dunes National Park, a gem in its own right. It is the perfect location to explore the largest dunes that the US has to offer. The tall dunes are great for hikers and adventure enthusiasts in general. Depending on the rapport you build with the residents of the area, you may be lent a sand ski to use in sliding down the steep slopes.

The Colorado national monument is always a must see for all visitors. However, there is only one established camping ground within the twenty three mile vicinity of the park. Saddlehorn campground has eighty established sites, all of which often get filled up by campers early on in summer. As such, you might want to plan your expedition to the area well in advance.

A typical expedition cannot be complete without spending a night by the Colorado River. For the ultimate experience, choose a spot that also gives you a perfect view of the Grand Canyon. If your vacation is fast approaching, it is no secret that this sort of experience will leave lots of room for bonding between you and your loved ones. For your safety, keep a close eye on the weather.

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