Having the ideal place to rest and shop is no mere fantasy. Naples, Florida is one of the best destinations where many go for vacations. It is situated in the South of Florida in the United States of America. The beaches are on the Gulf of Mexico and are sunny and calm where many go to soak up the rays of the sun and relax.

There are so many attractions when visiting this part of the world with over seven land reserves. The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary protects the biggest remaining stands of Bald Cypress and Pond Cypress which are deciduous conifers that grow in very wet soils. Due to the fact that in the 1940s – 50s they were cut down to almost nothing they are now under protection.

It is also home to the endangered Wood Stork and many other wetland birds. There is a boardwalk that is about 3 kilometers long that will allow one to see the pine Flatwoods and wet prairies. If one is an avid bird lover this is definitely a place to stop over and spend the day.

The Bird Gardens should be visited if one loves animals. The owner will take one through the area and tell stories of the birds while they are sitting in their enclosed aviaries. She has a wide knowledge of all birds and they are all in excellent condition and seem content. As these cages are outdoors there is a chance of getting bit by different bugs and the heat can get oppressive but many who have visited this say it is well worth it and will do it again.

The shopping centers are open and airy and have many pools where one can stand and enjoy the sight of swans on the water. The area is clean and the inhabitants are all friendly. The outside sidewalks where there are little coffee shops all have charming umbrellas where one can sit and people watch.

Many people just go to enjoy the experience of shopping. There are stunning shopping centers that are set around sparkling pools with different water features. Here one will be able to relax and casually stroll in and out the shops. There are many coffee shops and restaurants scattered throughout so one can always take a break and relax for a bit before continuing.

The Anthropologie shop was found in 1922 and brings together a wide variety of cultures. All of their products are done by hand and many are hand beaded. The sandals are made with vintage materials and decorated with embroidered buttons. All the jewelry and clothing that is made in this shop cannot be found anywhere else.

Florida is truly a beautiful place to either settle down in or to visit. There are so many different things to do and the people are friendly and helpful. The weather is truly amazing with clean beaches and calm seas. This is one destination that needs to be seen instead of just heard of.

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