Travelling around and becoming a nomad often means changing countries more often than your underwear. This can often lead to the usual frolics – sex on trains, nookie on street corners and trying to sleep in a hostel bunk knowing the Peruvian couple sleeping above you are doing it doggy style. Without going into too many details or mentioning names, here’s a few guaranteed easy ways to get laid and have a bit of sex when you travel! (By the way I’m writing this from a male perspective since I’m male, hope some of these ways work for the ladies too!). Good luck and always carry condoms and stay safe!

1. Sleep in mixed dorms

Mixed dorms are the best place to sleep for meeting girls. Shy girls will stay in all female dorms so you’ll be able to interact a lot easier – take them out on the town to sightsee and drink. You’ll be sleeping in the same room as them that night, maybe you might get lucky and make it the same bed ;-)

Advice is – buy her a drink or 2, wear a condom and don’t disturb your roommates!

2. Chat to the staff at the hostel.

Owners of hostels and hostel staff often lead busy lives, indeed some of the receptionists and cleaners have boring, mundane existences. Chat away to them! If a lady comes in to wash the showers, get talking to her, ask her about the city, invite her out. She might also show you around. If she knows you’re heading off again the next morning, she might be gagging for it as much as you.

What’s my advice? – Find a spare room in the hostel and get to work – quick and cheerful!

3. Drink in local bars.

All the sociable people will be in the bars. The local girls will be bored of their normal lives and partners they might just fancy that bit of foreign for the night! Buy them a drink, get chatting, stay interested and get lucky!

What’s my advice – talk to the local girls and buy them a drink but don’t give too much information about yourself. And beware of ‘working girls’.

4. Travel with other backpackers

Going on group tours is a great way to meet people. Doing the Inca Trail here in PERU!

Your fellow travellers are also often single and up for a bit of hanky panky. Go on tours with them. Whether it be a bus tour, a boat tour, a museum tour, going sky diving etc. You will bond well with them during the day. Exchange travel stories. By night you’ll want to eat and drink together. By midnight you could be groping your first ever set of Taiwanese breasts!

What’s my advice – do some tours, meet fellow travellers, have a drink with them and sleep with them.

5. The Famous Red Light Zones!

Lots of these about and you have to pay for them of course but negotiate a price and get it on if that’s what you want. No shame in it given that both parties gain out of it.

Advice – BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL – and probably best to visit these types of areas in a group. Probably best not to take any credit cards as well. Wearing a condom is a MUST.

6. Go Clubbing!

Sign up for pub crawls, nights out, visit bars and clubs and have a great time. You might even get lucky by the end of the night.

My advice – Party hard but don’t get drunk!

7. Stop being fussy!

Don’t be picky or choosy – all people have a place on this planet and you might just find that girl from a different background or who wears a stupid pink hat could be the one for you. Variety is the spice of life!

What’s my advice – quit being choosy – chat to the girls normally not your ‘type’ and you’ll be in for a surprise.

8. Walk around naked! This could well not be a decent tip, but at least you’ll get a laugh and a bit of attention from the others. I’ve actually done this myself a few times alone and with others, and seen a few others do it. Why be ashamed of your body! Show the girls your assets.

I’m not saying make this a habit but once in a while take your clothes off! How funny is it walking into a hostel toilet to see a dude with his full kit off and the todger wangling about!

Advice – don’t by shy about showing your bits to others!

9. Do your travel partner!

When you travel with a girl and you know each other well – these things happen. You’ll already have shared showers, buses, beds and tours. It’s about time you became “friends with benefits”.

My advice – you might as well get it on with your travel mate – you’re friends after all!

Advice – Don’t stop loving!

If you travel with the love of your life this has to be the best way to get sex when you travel! Love’s the greatest thing we have!

What’s my advice – care for her, love her and travel with her

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