Generally, couples don’t worry much about entertaining wedding guests beyond planning a reception. However, when you plan a Maui destination wedding, guests typically don’t simply fly in for a day. They make a vacation out of this experience, and it nice for the wedding couple to offer some fun excursions and perhaps even host one or two.

Consider providing each guest with a Maui goodie bag. In a beach tote, pack sunscreen, bottled water and some non-perishable snacks. You can also include a packet filled with local information, such as great places to eat, a great place for a sunset cocktail, fun day trips and practical information about where to find a drug store or grocery store and taxi services. Include an itinerary that helps guests know when scheduled events are to take place. This might include a rehearsal dinner, as well as the ceremony time and location, the reception time and location, and any other group events.

Many people love coming to Maui and simply basking in the sun and playing in the ocean, but for people who have never been to the island, you might want to provide some assistance and directions. Provide a list of nearby beaches and how to get there as well as some information about each of the beaches. Maui has plenty of amazing options, but you probably just need to list three or four. If everyone is staying at a resort or large hotel, there probably will be beach access and definitely at least one swimming pool, and most hotels provide towels for their guests.

If your guests have an entire day free, consider booking a tour that takes them along the Road to Hana. While this 68-mile stretch of road can take an entire day to traverse, it’s a wildly popular excursion and a great way to spend a day in Maui. The journey is almost entirely within a tropical rainforest and provides opportunities to hike to waterfalls, walk through jungles and enjoy some of the most beautiful coastline on earth. While you can rent a car and do the drive yourself, taking a tour bus frees you up to simply enjoy the scenery. Most tour companies provide food, which is important because food is only available at the beginning and the end of the journey.

You might not have enough time for all-day trek to Hana, but there are many other ideas to think about. For instance a sunset cocktail cruise or a whale-watching trip is a great way to spend a few hours, and this would be an excellent activity for your whole wedding party. Horseback riding, ATV tours, kayaking trips and parasailing are just a sample of other items guests might enjoy.

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