In recent years, high speed internet like cable, DSL and satellite broadband have been making it possible for people all over the globe to win amazing opportunities. Instead of your standard “anyone can win” sort of random sweepstakes drawing, these online contests call on the talent and creativity of people who deserve the prizes. Because most applications are submitted as YouTube videos, the use of satellite internet broadband, DSL and cable are a must. If you haven’t upgraded from dial-up yet, then the following online contests may make you change your mind.

1.  Queensland Tourism’s “Best Job in the World”

Although the results of this contest were already announced in May of 2009, the magnitude of this contest and what it represents for online video submissions makes it more than mention-worthy. After beating out 34,000 other contestants, winner Ben Southall got to pack his bags and move to a three-bedroom beach home overlooking the Great Barrier Reef on a tropical island in Queensland, Australia. His job requirements include feeding the fish, cleaning the pool and sending weekly blog and video reports about the daily affairs of the island. If that doesn’t already sound like the best job in the world, maybe the fact that he gets a 0,000 stipend to boot.


To participate in the contest, all applicants had to upload videos on YouTube using cable, satellite internet or DSL to try to persuade their potential employer why they would be the best candidate for the job.

2.  STA World Traveler Internship

For the second year in a row STA Travel is holding a contest to allow two people to circumnavigate the globe for the sole purpose of inspiring other young people to become world travelers. They will be responsible for documenting every part of their travels through video footage, photographs and blogs as they travel through South America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

An ideal applicant for this internship is between the ages of 18-26, creative, articulate in both speech and writing, has video and photography skills and is able to use editing software. More importantly, the candidate must be outgoing, active and be extremely passionate about traveling the world and sharing these experiences with others. All applicants need to do is submit a video to YouTube showing that they possess these skills and get people to vote for them.

3.  Sierra Club’s “Best Internship on Earth”

For nature lovers, Sierra Club may be right in titling their contest the “best internship on earth.”   The winner will travel around the country doing Sierra club outings like hiking and rafting while creating a video blog to document the experience. The internship is based out of Sierra Club’s headquarters in San Francisco and includes a ,500 stipend and fully paid travel expenses. The winner also gets ,000 worth of gear from The North Face and Planet Explore.

To apply, applicants must fill out a form and upload a video explaining within 90 seconds time why they love the outdoors and what makes them the perfect candidate for the internship.

If your dial-up connection is inhibiting you from applying to amazing contests like these you may want to contact your DSL, cable or satellite broadband providers to upgrade.

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