The Andes Mountain of the Ecuador region offers some of the breathtaking scenic views of the globe. Anyone who comes here at once will hardly overcome the exposure of natural beauty you will witness here. Probably that is why, the Andes Mountains is one of the top locations of the South America wherein you will find a number of tourists willingly spending their time. While going on a trip to the islands, you will explore so many challenging yet adventurous sights that you generally often come across in your day-to-day life. However, a person who patiently carries on his/her trip will get rewarding experience and pleasurable results.

One of the most amazing locations of the Andes travel is Quito, an ancient city which happens to be Ecuador’s capital as well. The city is a perfect blend of both ancient and modern sentiments. The city is located at 9200 feet above sea level which makes it the second highest capital in the entire world. Also known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Quito has its own charm that lures everyone. Go to the old town for observing a clear sign of ancient culture in the city. People who love to explore the modernity of the city need to see modern clubs, shops and other locations. At Quito, you will pass through La Plaza Grande, the location of the Presidential Palace. In addition, you will enjoy visiting many other enjoyable sites in the city. Pursue your interest and visit your location of choice!

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