It’s not just humans that get car sick. Even though many dogs tend to enjoy long car rides, especially when they get to stick their heads out of the windows to feel the breeze, others aren’t as happy to take part in this. As a matter of fact, they might fall ill due to motion sickness, which is what Assisi and other authorities can attest. In order to reduce dog car sickness, here are 3 tips for pet owners to take into account.

There are many ways that car sickness in dogs can be helped, but you should recognize the common symptoms ahead of time. One of the symptoms in question is a change in behavior, as your pet might become more fearful or at least uncertain of their surroundings. Heavy panting might be seen as well, showcasing a lack of energy where there shouldn’t be. These symptoms are worth recognizing, and companies such as Assisi Animal Health can agree.

As far as direct assistance is concerned, you can start by keeping the air conditioning on at a high level. Dogs tend to become fatigued quite easily under certain weather conditions, which isn’t helped by a lack of air in the car. This is where the AC can come into play, as it can offer a sense of comfort that your pet will be certainly take to. It’s a great method and even if it only results in a moderate change, it’ll be one worth noting all the same.

There’s also the possible utilization of ginger, which is a holistic treatment that many specialists recommend. Not only is it natural, for lack of a better term, but it can relax a dog’s stomach relatively quickly. What you must know beforehand, though, is that some canine pets might become sick as a result of taking ginger. With that said, it’d be wise to contact your veterinarian ahead of time, so that you can decide how effective this treatment will be.

Car sickness is an issue, regardless of who it affects, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be helped. For this reason, you should try to focus on ways to correct the issue, which can be done by following the tips covered earlier. These methods matter, to say the least, as they will be able to assist your pet, ensuring easier car rides in the future. Most dogs take to these trips, so why should your canine pet be left out of the loop?

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