Wish to spend a quiet day undisturbed by noisy crowds then Peng Chau, a small island just 0.99 square km off the north eastern coast of Lantau Island Hong Kong is the place. With its slow paced island lifestyle, affordable restaurants serving basic fare, many small temples, quiet streets, a rustic beach and no noise pollution, it is an ideal place to start a carefree day of island hopping or just whiling away the day taking in the surrounding countryside.

The highest point of the island is Finger Hill with a height of 95 meters that provides hiking opportunities to those interested in some vigorous activity and a pavilion that provides a panoramic view over the island across the Adamasta Channel toward Cheung Chau and of attraction such as Discovery Bay, Hong Kong Disneyland and South Hong Kong Island. The main mode of transport on the island is by bicycle or simply walking. Some parts of the island still has a rural feel particularly in Tai Wo and Nam Wan which have woods and where the islanders indulge in organic farming.

Close to the pier are narrow shopping streets and a covered market. A promenade runs along the south west coast of the island. On the North East side of the island is a pleasant sandy beach. A common sound while traversing around the area is the lapping of the waves and the clatter of mahjong tiles coming from the nearby houses Flecked with fishing boats, the bay here allows one to watch sunsets on the beach and enjoy good wine and cheese served on the sunny terrace of the French owned bar and café near the pier.

The island has a heritage trail covering historical sites and building of cultural importance. These include the remains of the Great China March Factory that employed most of the islands people, a Ming Dynasty stone tablet, old lime kilns and ancestral halls. Many traditional stories and legends are attached to each of these sites. The island is accessible by ferry from the mainland.

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Preview of Dane’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: www.travelpod.com This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Chiang Mai, Thailand Entry Title: “The Festival and Lanterns of Yi Peng” Entry: “We never got the quintessential shot of a thousand lanterns being released, and we were slightly disheartened that the experience didn’t quite live up to expectations, but things rarely do. And the reality is that we’ve seen so much beauty in Asia that we perhaps expect too much. In the big scheme of things, the festival was incredible. We sat by the pool of our hotel room and watched hundreds of lanterns swim through the sky, caught in different jet streams at varying levels, so that they were swirling, converging, and separating, then forming constellations that mimicked images both familiar and impossible. A pyramid of tiny lights would collapse into waves on a beach and then flow into a flock of birds shooting toward the horizon, only to explode like dandelions in a storm, once again filling the inky night sky. Travel Info: Some logistics info for people traveling in Thailand. Air Asia was about 0 round trip from Bangkok. Our flights were delayed and the airline is kind of a pain in the ass, but the bus is about one way and takes at least 6 hours, usually longer. There are several decent backpacker hotels in the heart of the old city for -15 a night. Motorbikes are a day and are a perfect way
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