If you’ve always longed to see a particular New York attraction or experience everything the Big Apple has to offer, then now is the time to do it without any hesitation. It may sound hard to believe, but you can actually find New York travel packages for a four-day weekend with airfare and three nights at a four-star Manhattan hotel for a grand total that comes to less than 0. And what’s even more surprising is that this deal is available less than a week from today. That’s right; you can book a four-day weekend at a top hotel in the heart of New York City with round trip airfare for less than what it would cost to book one-way airfare during many peak travel seasons. It’s all about booking last minute over the Internet and being flexible; this is one of the best travel lovers’ secrets. New York accommodations near Manhattan landmarks such as Central Park and the Hudson River are easy to find last minute. Businesses want to make sure their rooms are booked. Airlines also want to make sure their flights are full to make the most of the time, effort and money spent on each cross-country trip. So, if there are vacancies and empty seats during any given week, the airlines and hotels will often lower their prices for savvy last minute travelers who visit the right online sites. Leading online travel sites have access to last minute booking deals because of their relationships with airlines, hotels and attractions, and it is usually possible to find great packages including airfare and New York accommodations less than a week before you actually fly. You can even add tickets to a favorite New York attraction for one low price to complete your package. If you’re dying to get away next weekend but don’t have a trip planned, why not book one last minute? You could save a lot of money if you know the right places to look for New York travel packages.

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