Prince Edward Island is one of the greenest and prettiest regions in Canada. It is considered the best golf place for its scenic beauty of gently rolling landscapes that are covered and fenced by exotic sea beaches and red sandstone cliffs.

The regions that are included are Red Sands Shore, Green Gables Shores, Charlottetown, Points East Coastal Drive and the North Cape Coastal Drive. Prince Edward Island also has a long coastline for it has many inlets and bays and also an irregular shape. It possesses a neighborhood that has a distinctive aroma and surreptitious riches & reserves folded as missing for you to recognize and explore them. The sights include scenic drives, lighthouses, touring and island sea food, experiences of the farms, arts and crafts, shopping paradise, romantic locations and things you cannot even imagine.

Situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, just off the Atlantic coast, divided from the Canadian mainland by the Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island is less than 2 hours away from big cities like NYC, Toronto and Boston and has been rated as one of the top vacation destinations in the North American continent. Here you will find the best representation of Canada – heritage, culture, history, learning centers, art galleries, community theatres, walking trails, delicious sea food restaurants and more.


At the Prince Edward Island the golfing vacation is designed to enjoy one of Canada’s top rated golf courses where one can enjoy the pastoral scenery along with championship golf courses and relaxing, exotic, sandy beaches. The golf courses for all those golf lovers are the best amongst Canada’s region because it offers championships that are recognized across North America for its value and quality.

The holiday can get more exciting by the warming influence of Gulf Stream Current and the trapping appeal of the red sandstone bunkers. Prince Edward Island has become one of the premier golf destinations where it does not matter even if you do not have the highest level of golfing skills because there is a golf course at every nearby destination that would definitely suit your tee.  

While you watch someone play the game, you realize it may be exciting to learn to play golf despite the fact that it looks simple but one needs to practice before you “birdie” the hole.  Never played golf before but wish to learn this holiday? No problem. Get expert tips and advice on how to begin to play golf this golf vacation!

Golf vacation in Prince Edward Island will enrich your holiday with relaxation and fun. The island is known to host the International Couples Golf Festival and rates among the top 100 golf courses in Canada. A world class golf destination, Prince Edward Island gives you the chance to play golf on the grounds cherished and revered by the famous golfers. We give you the share of watching the best of breathtaking scenery around and participate in a variety of excitements like festivals, racing, and other outdoor activities during your golfing vacation in Prince Edward Island.

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