Expedia was founded in the year 1994, as a division of Microsoft.  It is a website led business and popular website brand in the Internet travel marketplace. Ticketmaster later purchased the company in 2001, which changed their name to USA Networks in 2001 and then to InterActive Corp in the year 2003.  In 2005, they brought their travel group under the Expedia, to provide better service to their traveling customers around the world.


People across the globe who are interested in exciting as well as affordable traveling go in search of the Expedia website.  Expedia offers list of about 30000 hotels, which give quality services to its customers.  They also give ranking to each of the hotel or resorts.  Their coupons can be found around the Internet.  Expedia deals with travel and they provide the best traveling experience.  Flight and hotel accommodation services are offered to their clients at affordable cost. They have different packages to various destinations.


Considerable discounts are offered through online coupons.   They take opinions and reviews from their clients and experts, around the globe, on hotels and resorts on their website and thus excel in providing the best online information to people around the world.   Handy traveler tools are available on their site.  Their navigations and design enable the common man to do hassle-free booking of a flight or hotel.  Money saving travel-trips is offered to their customers.



Europe, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and many other dream destinations are at your reach though Expedia.   If you have a reliable agency to take care of your flight and hotel bookings traveling becomes much easier.  The wide technical know how of Microsoft is rightly applied at their site to make the traveler, who seeks their services, comfortable and relaxed.  They do lot of research and planning in every aspect of comfortable journey and stay, for both their leisure and business travelers.


It makes Expedia one of the largest corporate travel management companies and people in all continents seek their services.  Airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, vacation packages and cruises are all taken care of by Expedia.   They make their business most profitable and at the same time help everyone everywhere enjoy traveling.  They provide practical advice to people who love to travel.


Their website is a good online resource for anyone interested in traveling. They look into every detail of your travel itinerary. Their efficient customer care executives are ready to help you at any stage of your travel.  Amazing hotel accommodations are provided at reasonable rates, if you want.   Perfect vacation escapades can be planned through Expedia.


The Expedia groups operates in the U.S., the U.K., Mexico, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, India and Japan.  They operate in China under the brand Daodao.


Every kind of people from all walks of life can utilize the services of Expedia.  The cheapest discount travel packages they offer are a real blessing to people across the globe especially at this period of recession.

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