Western Europe is a great location for a vacation. There are endless places of interest and places where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Cites like Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona and Amsterdam bid you come enjoy their mysteries, monuments and mind-altering experiences. These unique places are steeped in history and are centers of culture that have had a profound effect on people the world over. The only question is, ‘Where do you start a tour of Western Europe and where do you end it?’ It depends on what you are looking for.


Rome is the heart of Europe. Its culture has left its indelible mark worldwide. Rome is home to some of the best known pieces of ancient architecture. There is the Pantheon, the Coliseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum and numerous others. The mystique of Vatican City draws hundreds of thousands of people each year. As you sip your wine at cool evening you hear music in the air. Perfectly pitched music coaxed from the souls of instruments large and small waft on the wind from the Parque dela Musica or Auditorium Concilliaione. For fashionistas shopping on Via Condotti will make you fashionable and current. The myreviewsnow travel store can outfit you perfectly for the Roman weather and gives tips on who, where and what to see in your travels.



London is an important stop on your European travel adventure. London is over 2,000 years old but she looks good. They’ve done it all in London and still do. Some places of interest include Buckingham Palace where dwells the ruler of the realm and has for hundreds of years. In Trafalgar Square commerce is rendered as high art. The Tower Bridge offers spectacular views of the Thames. At the Tower of London 900 year old walls and turrets protect the priceless Crown Jewels. See Big Ben where time is officially kept. Westminster Abbey is a medieval architectural masterpiece where kings have been crowned for a thousand years. Hyde Park’s lakes, gardens, lawns and trees offer respite in London’s heart. The National Museum bears a record of expeditions and adventures of the English. Still, London’s youthful heart beats in places like Dalstron in Postcode E8.



Its called the city of lights but Paris could be called the city of love. Kissing under the Eiffel Tower in Paris has been a dream of lovers for decades. So are holding hands and strolling on the Champs Elysee, marrying at the 800 year old Notre Dame Cathedral or wine, candlelight and love under the Paris skies. Le Sainte-Chapelle (Holy Chapel) is an excellent example 13th century Gothic art and architecture. Soaring vaults and an explosion of color and stained glass grace this structure which once housed Jesus’ crown of thorns and a piece of the true cross. The Church of St. Etienne du Mont is one of the most beautiful in Paris. Its craftsmen worked wonders with wood, stone and stained glass. Myreviewsnow can recommend several great places to visit. The myreviewsnow travel store offers books, maps and tips for exploring Paris.


Amsterdam is an amazing city. It is one of the most liberal in Europe. The remarkable works by Rembrandt and Van Gogh make a number of the Amsterdam museums a must see. Enjoy as Concertgebouw Amsterdam shares musical masterworks with the public free of charge. The Anne Frank House is another important location within Amsterdam. But the spirit of Amsterdam is a joyous one. Tea houses and red light districts, brisk weather and warm people all make Amsterdam a popular destination. Your European travel can be even more pleasant and meaningful with the guidance of myreviewsnow. They offer reviews of food, entertainment and more.


Barcelona is the perfect place to end your European travel adventure. It has a moderate Mediterranean climate, miles of great beaches, fantastic food and some of the best nightlife in Europe. Barcelona boasts classic works by Picasso, the unique style of Salvador Dali and the vision of Antoni Gaudi. Gruell Parc, Casa Batllo and the stunning La Sagrada Familia show Gaudi’s genius. MyReviewsNow can give insight into Barcelona nightspots or visit the myreviewsnow travel store for deals and discounts to help you enjoy your European adventure.

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