Summer cannot be complete without a family holiday on the beach. Bulgaria is among the most preferred summer holiday destinations in Europe, as it has a lot to offer to the tourists: clean sandy beaches, sunny days throughout the summer, guaranteed rest, a lot of fun and all this at comparatively cheap prices.

It is easy to find accommodation in luxury hotels located just in front of the sea, but it is recommended to book them in advance, as there is a shortage of spare rooms in the peak season, which is in July and August. However, the first tourists come here from the end of May and the tourist season continues till October.

The most well-liked and visited Bulgarian resorts are Sunny Beach, Albena and Golden Sands, but tourists can enjoy any of the smaller summer resorts located along the coast. These are St. Konstantin and Elena, Kiten, St. Vlass, Nesebar and many others. Located in the Southern coastal part, Sunny Beach is the most popular and the biggest resort, followed by Albena and Golden Sands that are located in the north near to the city of Varna. Two great Aqua Parks await their visitors in Golden Sands and Sunny Beach.

They all are characterized by ideal conditions for sun bathing and relaxation, as well as first-class accommodation. Sunny summer weather without rains is another factor that draws more and more tourists from near and far.

This and other benefits offered by Bulgarian Sea resorts make this country preferred summer holiday destination that is in the list of the top European holiday places. Tourists will experience here so fulfilling summer retreat that will keep coming next holiday season again. This region is rich in nature and cultural landmarks, such as “The Stone Forest” near to Varna, which is a real temptation for young and old people.

Varna itself is known as a Bulgarian Sea capital, which is a seaside city offering a great number of museums, theaters, art galleries and other cultural monuments, as well as various entertainment options for the guests of the city. Children will enjoy attending the Sea Garden, the Zoo, Aquarium, Dolphinarium, etc.

Probably the most amazing feature of Bulgarian summer resorts is their serenity that amazes all the tourists, who find here an ideal place to escape from the troubles of their hectic lifestyle and get a real rest. The time is as if stopped during the day and starts to run again in the night, when the resorts turns into a fair full of noises and colors. You can find a lot of traders, painters, craftsmen and shops along the streets that offer whatever you can or cannot imagine. It is safe to walk in the night, as the streets are lighted and there are many people everywhere walking, buying or selling.

Dancing waiters and live music attracts visitors to the restaurants that can be found everywhere, offering a big diversity of meals and where the tourists can taste the original Bulgarian meals “tarator” or “banitsa”. Although not all the waiters might be professionally trained, the food as well as the services are good enough and preferred by foreigners.

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