The Chinese tourism sector has assumed really big proportions over the past few years. This has led to China becoming the fourth largest country in terms of inbound tourism. One of the primary reasons behind this boom is the fact that Chinese immigration authorities have relaxed many draconian restrictions on movement in and out of China. The world is on the cusp of a sustained Chinese outbound tourism boom. Many China travel services have hence cropped up. Hiring a good China travel service will go a long way in helping you discover this great country.

Beijing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. It is China’s second largest city after Shanghai, with more than 17 million people in Beijing’s area of jurisdiction. It is also the destination of many international flights arriving in China, bringing in a many tourists who are interested in travel to Beijing. A great Beijing Travel agency will organize a wonderful tour for you to this magnificent city. The China travel agencies also put together student study tours. A great Beijing travel agency will organize a wonderful tour for you to this magnificent city. The China travel agencies also put together student study tours. Every year, a very large number of tourists travel to Beijing in order to soak in the magnificence of this city which still remains an epicenter of tradition with the treasures of nearly 2,000 years as the imperial capital still on view in the famed Forbidden City and in the city’s lush pavilions and gardens. The more recent additions to the Beijing tourist landscape are Bird’s Nest – the stadium which hosted the 2008 Olympic Games and Water Cube – the aquatic centre for the 2008 Olympic Games. Even after the completion of the Olympic Games, these two spots garner huge tourist inflow till date. Every good Beijing travel agency makes sure that it makes additions to its list regularly so that tourists to Beijing get to enjoy the city in its full flow. Beijing as a city has one of the world’s transportation systems. Its roads, expressways, railways, waterways and public transit meet every international standard of quality and exceed them, in some cases. This makes it a tourist’s delight and that is why every Beijing travel agency makes sure that tourists are able to enjoy every aspect of the city’s famed transportation facilities.

There are many experienced China travel services working in China who specialize in organizing Yangtze River Cruise for their customers and clients. It acts as a line of geographical division between North and South China. Some China travel agencies also organize Chinese Christmas holiday packages for incoming tourists. Many newly married couples are now choosing China as their honeymoon destination and China travel services are organizing special tours for such people. Rising competition among China travel agencies has been good for tourists as they can now afford such tours at highly attractive rates and great offers.

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