This might come as a shock to some, but then again not to others. With the world’s biggest tournament, the football World Cup currently taking place during June and July 2014, everyone’s eyes will be watching on cheering their respective teams. But even better than watching it on TV, is being there.

However sadly for some crazy football fans, corruption from FIFA has led to the deliberate theft of their own customers World Cup tickets. What’s happening is FIFA staff are stealing World Cup tickets in the offices as soon as they have printed them.

1. FIFA claiming customers will get their tickets and they just need to wait (this was told on the phone to one customer just FOUR days before the match they had a ticket four, and two days before the flight.

2. FIFA sending generic email responses to customers which had no relevance to the questions asked.

After stealing tickets from their customers, the FIFA staff then sell the tickets on, to any range of companies for selling, on the black market. This is an act of disgraceful corruption from FIFA and the truth will come out eventually.

The truth will eventually come out and FIFA’s ongoing corruption will be exposed yet again.

FIFA staff based in England, Switzerland and Italy have access to the databases of World Cup ticket holders. Some of these staff are responsible for printing and putting the tickets into envelopes for posting to customers have ben stealing these tickets. The tickets all have names on them and though FIFA claim that these people are the ones that have to go, that’s another lie – anyone can use these tickets.

This site is the one blaming FIFA, I have a sister site blaming DHL as right now, nobody knows which of the two companies is to blame.

So to be in Brazil this June-July will be an experience never to be forgotten for football fans from all around the world, regardless of whether they have tickets for the games. It’s really all about taking in the atmosphere.

To read more about the thieved World Cup tickets check out the sites that expose the information that FIFA burgle World Cup tickets from their customers.