The van is a vehicle carrying goods and not people in the United Kingdom. In the United states the van can refer to a delivery van or a passenger vehicle. In the UK the word van can refer to a covered goods wagon. In the US that same vehicle is referred to as a boxcar. A van hire Harrow United Kingdom facility is a business sometimes referred to as a man and a van which indicates it is a business run by one individual.

The UK has a car and van hire in 150 locations. They have numerous sizes of vans for rent. They also rent what are called the multiple people vehicles. A satellite navigation system or child’s car seat can be provided as well.

The size of the vans they hire out range from a small courier van up to the large refrigerated ones. They start at those with a short wheel base and include those with an extra-long one. When a van is let for a longer period of time the cost per day is lower than for a one day rental.

A car or van can be hired directly from an international or regional airport location. Included locations are Heathrow in London, Gatwick, Aberdeen, East Midlands and Exeter. The van may be scheduled for rental ahead of time. People are able to book a van by going online from the comfort of their own home.

Customers can find the exact size van they want on the internet. If that size is not available at one location, they will locate it for you at another location. Reserve early enough for this location to be done in a timely fashion. Each customer has access to what is required providing he orders it early enough.

For those traveling by train or bus, there is an additional convenient service available. The van can be waiting for you upon arrival at the terminal. It is also possible to have it come to your home, hotel or business. This is called the meet and greet service. It makes each rental as convenient as possible.

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