Although they’ve been around for a long time, not as many people as you’d think know about all inclusive vacation packages.  Instead, most people book a plane, hotel, and car separately, and then wait until they get to a new place to decide what to do.  They may have one place in mind, but not know much about anything else to do in a particular area.

All inclusive vacation packages help you to take care of most of that.  Many sites have packages that will include the flight, hotel, and rental car.  Cruise vacation packages already include all the stops, meals, and accommodations, though they don’t usually pay for the cost of getting to the docks, so you still might have to book your own flight.

But think about a trip to New York City, for instance.  Many sites will have a full package that will include the flight and hotel, and include tour buses to take you all over the city, not only to see the sights but also on shopping trips.  New York is one of the few cities in the world where you’ll be very happy you didn’t get a rental car, as parking can be as high as an hour in many places.


Las Vegas vacation packages will usually include the flight, hotel, most of your meals, and a show, which is definitely worth the trip if you get lucky and stay at a casino with a big star.  Naturally you get to go into the casinos, which are always lively.  A few casinos will actually throw in a trip to Hoover Dam, which is spectacular and something anyone who even gets close to Las Vegas should stop by and visit.

A very popular vacation trip is the European vacation where you’ll go through multiple countries in  7 to 10 days.  Hotels, meals, shopping and transportation are totally covered.  Some vacation packages are even lower if you end up going with a group.  Just imagine what it must be like being able to visit a bunch of countries on one trip, as opposed to the United States where you may visit many states, but in general much of it seems the same.

We mentioned costs above, and now we’ll go much further.  Paying for a vacation package is always less costly than doing everything individually.  For instance, there are 4-day vacation packages to Las Vegas that will cost you less than 0 per person; that’s just a phenomenal price.  Packages cost less because these different businesses get together and agree to reduce their services by combining everything in some fashion.

Everyone’s looking for a deal these days, and if you’re still hoping to go on vacation, take advantage of one of the many all inclusive vacation packages available to you.

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