With the cost of everything from gas to food rising it only makes sense that going on vacation is starting to get prohibitively costly for many people and their families.  Fortunately for those who are considering a tropical destination there is one way you can save money and avoid all the hassles that comes with planning such a trip. Many resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean offer what are known as all inclusive beach vacations where all you vacation needs are included for one price.

There are literally hundreds of resorts to choose from in these two regions and the vast majority offer all inclusive deals among fierce competition for tourist dollars. In fact many of these resorts specialize in specific types of vacation experiences which makes it easier to match your vacations wants and needs to a specific location. With everything from romantic couple’s only resorts to family friendly resorts to choose from you can find yourself enjoying the tropical climate and beautiful sandy beaches at a reasonable price.


Here’s the really nice part of an all inclusive beach vacation. Once you pay everything you need for your vacation is included in the price of admission. This means your travel arrangements and resort hotel accommodations are taken care of. All your meals, snacks, drinks, entertainment, and beach side activities are also included in the overall price.

The family friendly resorts will also include in your price entertainment and activities for your kids. These activities and programs are usually age specific which means that your kids will be making new friends that are in their age group. You can also find babysitting and daycare services for infants and toddlers, freeing up the parents to enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

Because there are so many all inclusive resorts to choose from it is important to do a little background research to be sure to choose one that fits your needs. A couple looking for romance and intimate surroundings does not want to find themselves at a resort that is geared towards families with children. This is easy to do with a little research into what type of guests the resorts you are interested in cater to.

While one set price may seem like a lot when planning all inclusive beach vacations you need to remember that if you were to plan and pay for everything separately it would cost much more. Plane tickets, hotel accommodations, meals, activities, and tours can all add up. By packaging all these items into one price you can save a lot of money and ease the stress of planning your vacation.

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