I was thinking about my Antarctica trip recently, and how I managed to drink in 4 different places on the trip (OK I’m cheating as three of them were onboard the boat!!!). But I thought I’d give all you Antarctic bound travellers some tips on how you can drink in Antarctica, yes there is even a bar there, there is even a Happy Hour and drinking in Antarctica is part of the experience to the world’s southern most continent. Here’s my Top 6 places to drink in Antarctica (of which I drank in only 4 of them, as sadly 2 of them we didn’t visit)! One of my favourite Thirsty Thursdays to date.

1. Drinking in Antarctica: On Antarctic land

You’re not meant to drink on Antarctic soil as it happens, but you’re only going to be here once (probably) so you might as well raise a toast to this incredible continent with a drink. Bring a cold beer with you to one of the landings – preferably the last one.

2. Having a drink in Antarctica – go out on the deck!

Having an ice cold beer out on deck while sailing down Antarctica was a dream of mine and I did it. It’s a great way to relax and admire the epic views out of the window of the ship. As you cruise through blizzards, snowstorms and icebergs, get out on deck and admire the scenery over a cold pint of beer, at least the beer will be the perfect temperature!

3. Having a drink in Antarctica: Happy hour on board!

This is perfect for the backpacker, if you’re on a tight budget then happy hour is a good way to save money on the boat. There is no need to drink any alcohol after happy hour, just get the cocktails in nice and early and sit back and relax. You can stare out the window at a land of white. Just an amazing travel experience.

- There’s a lounge bar on the boat which is usually open from 4pm – 7pm everyday.

- There is also a late night bar on board the boat, open usually around 8pm until late.

At dinner time in the on-board restaurant you can also enjoy a drink.

4. Drinking in Antarctica: Bring Your Own Alcohol

Again the cheapskate option and this is the one I used mostly – even the beer I took onto Antarctic land to drink was bought in Argentina and brought on board. There is no real limit on the amount of alcohol you bring onboard, but if you suffer from sea sickness, please note that the Drake Passage is the roughest stretch of water in the world, so you want to avoid the booze on that part of the trip! I brought my own beer and wine and drank it in the cabin or sneaked it into the bar (hardly a big deal considering you’ve paid loads for this trip!!).

5. Alcohol in Antarctica: Ukranian Station Bar

OK this could well be a regret in life, but on our trip we just didn’t make it to the bar or even to the actual Ukrainian Vernadskiy Station, which not only has a cool bar but even makes its own hot pepper Vodka (I’m not even kidding). The Vernadskiy Research Station is the longest continually running one on the entire continent. It was the British that put the pub there when they owned it!!! We were caught up in a crazy snowstorm off the coast of Petermann Island, and seeing an Argentine Research Station from the boat was the closest we got to the set of Argentine Islands where the Vernadskiy Station sits.

6. Having a drink in Antarctica – head to the South Pole and celebrate with a drink

If you ever make it to the South Pole, how amazing would it be to have a drink right there – at the bottom of the world. Get a beer and toast to a mega achievement in your life!

Imagine having a beer at the South Pole!

That’s my 6 tips for drinking in Antarctica – if you can manage them all then I take my hat off to you! Congratulations!

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