Race bikes and dirt bikes are essentially the same coming out of the box. It’s how you customize Yamaha Motorcycles that makes them look more ready for the backwoods than the motocross race circuits or vice versa. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between a race bike and dirt bike to see what kind of rider you really are.

What’s the difference between a Race Bike and a Trail Bike? Assuming that Yamaha Motorcycles (or other brands) are the same make and model, both bikes look the same on the showroom floor. Both bikes will perform respectably on the track or along the muddy backwoods trails. However, if you are planning to get a lot of air on jumps or tear up the trail without leaving some skin behind, you have to customize your ride. This gradually changes the bike’s look and feel, which is how the same bike can become a “dirt” bike or “race” bike with the proper fixings and accessories.

Motocross tracks can be grueling for riders and their bikes. Most serious racers prefer a well tuned suspension that can manage the rigors of the track. Dirt bikers have another set of requirements. They need machines that can handle tough terrain in a variety of different settings. At the same time, they want a smooth ride that allows them to bike all day. Many add headlights and kickstands as final touches.

Racing bikes have to be able to adjust to quickly changing conditions on the track. Dirt bikes on the other hand, require a different set of accessories that operate efficiently on open deserts and in wooded areas. Trail riders may change gear on a daily basis depending on their routes.

So, are you a dirt biker or race biker? Well, the great thing is, you never have to pick just one.

Good motorbikes are like chameleons. They can change with their surroundings and circumstances. One day they may be outfitted for a racing event. The next day riders may deck them out for an excursion in the woods or a ride up a mountain.

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