There are a plethora of things that one can do during leisure time. One activity that is guaranteed to give you the calm you need to alleviate the stress occasioned by normal life is fishing BC. Located right in the heart of Canada, the location is home to some of the best freshwater fish in the world.

To help preserve sustainable populations of fish in the water, authorities require all anglers to abide by certain rules. The rules are also aimed at promoting water safety and conserving the general environment. Regulations are always published after every two years and made available to the public over the internet.

One rule that you should always remember is that only licensed anglers are allowed to fish. Locals, however, are not bound by this rule. If it is your first time in the area, you should contact the local administration to get a license. This regulation is mandatory for every angler who has surpassed the age of sixteen.

You can get your license in two ways. Firstly, you may go online and get in touch with the appropriate licensing authority via its official website. Nowadays, things are easier as authorities accept payments made using credit cards. The second option would be to purchase through authorized vendors.

It goes without saying that as a jurisdiction, British Columbia is large. Therefore, the rules within it vary depending on region. The regulations governing a specific region may vary in context from what anglers in other regions abide by. However, regulations are generalized for those angling in tidal waters. In such a scenario, one would be required to get licensing directly from the state fisheries administration.

Regulations basically cover aspects such as protected species, equipment used, prohibited methods and the vessels used. It is no secret that in any country, there are species that are endangered. In this case, there are strict rules that cover the angling of overfished species such as salmon. Other species that many people like to go for include crustaceans, mollusks and shellfish.

When angling, you must keep a close eye on the number of fish you catch. You do not want to exceed your approved quota. If you do so, you risk serving time or a hefty fine. Violators may also be banned from angling in the area for life.

The method used to fish is also an important regulation to watch out for. To avoid any violation, ensure you go through the rules in advance. Certain equipment, vessels and methods are known to endanger fish populations and their usage is largely restricted. Examples of vessels that may cause you problems are large commercial trawlers.

Once your license is ready, you should have a peaceful angling experience. Your application process should run smoothly if you have a printer and computer at home. Once licensed, you should be issued with an angler number. In essence, this is a unique number that authorities may use to determine the legitimacy of your license. In case you forget it, you may ask the authorities for help recovering it.

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